May 20

Seeing the bold Asian beauty of Yu Ji in Fate/Grand Order, no wonder every gamer loves it


The image of the character Yu Ji is very respected in China and has been included in many popular games.

In Han So Tranh Hung, Yu Ji can be considered the most beautiful beauty. Yu Ji was originally Xiang Yu’s wife, who often followed Xiang Yu in battle.

In the story of Four Faces So Ca, when the army of the Chu country was used by Truong Luong to make them miss home, they deserted and returned to their hometown. Xiang Yu’s power and strength caused Yu Ji to commit suicide for fear of implicating Xiang Yu when he escaped. In the end, although Xiang Yu was able to escape from Liu Bang’s pursuers to return to Chu, but because he missed Yu Ji too much, he committed suicide.

The image of the character Yu Ji is very respected in China. And in the famous online game Fate/Grand Order, Yu Ji is also included as a very special servant. Specifically in the game Fate/Grand Order, Yu Ji was originally a True Ancestor who had feelings for Xiang Yu because both were not human. After escaping from Liu Bang, Yu Ji continued to live for thousands of years. By chance, she met Lan Lang Vuong and Marisbilly Animusphere, he adopted her and the pseudonym Akuta Hinako was born from there. Yui was never a Servant or a Pseudo-Servant to be precise, so her anti-Servant moves and weapons couldn’t have any effect on her.

Here is a set of cosplay photos of the female character Yu Ji based on the model in the game Fate/Grand Order performed by female coser Teppanyaki Ghost Dance:


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