June 8

See the beauty of Akari Mitani, a beautiful 18+ long-legged Japanese beauty


Akari Mitani has a height of up to 166cm and even has the ability to dance quite well.

Akari Mitani, born on April 15, 1997, started her career as an actress 18+ from 2017. Possessing a beautiful beauty with a “bee-bottomed” body and a height of 166 cm, Akari Mitani quickly attracted get the attention of men. Currently, she is an exclusive actress of studio Honnaka

It is known that Akari Mitani entered the 18+ industry because she is a big fan of Ai Uehara and the group for 18+ actresses, Ebisu Muscats. Even Akari Mitani’s career is somewhat “imitating” her senior when she continuously appeared with dense frequency on the covers of countless different 18+ products before becoming an exclusive actress in the beginning. 2020.

About Akari Mitani herself, she is known by many for her extremely good dancing skills. Many times, she has surprised fans with her skills. It is known that Akari has studied dance and dance very hard since the age of 3. Therefore, it is not surprising that she possesses the ability to dance very skillfully and proficiently. Even this job also significantly helps her later work compared to the previous one.

In addition, she also spends a lot of free time playing games, just like other 18+ actresses. Her favorite genre is also very different, only full of wisdom and puzzles, different from many other girls who love role-playing or shooting genres. However, the puzzle genre often takes a lot of time, because it requires players to have reasoning and creativity in thinking. Therefore, many times Akari Mitani has to spend all day to complete a game.

However, she also tries to limit herself to spend time on exercise and Yoga. Her current job also requires her to have good physical strength. Due to the fact that in the past, her appearance was not too standard and she sometimes got sick, so Akari wanted to stay healthy to be beautiful and continue working for a long time. She even maintains her health by going to bed early and eating more scientifically.


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