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Kenny Harris came across a strange creature while traveling with his family to a suburb in North Carolina. He said that he had never seen any creature like this before.

A mysterious sea monster with angel wings was found on a beach in America.

Kenny Harris, 42, encountered the mysterious creature with ‘angel wings’ while traveling with his family to the North Carolina suburbs.

“I went out for a walk in the morning and in the distance I saw something in the sand,” he said.

“When I got closer, I saw a dead fish with the shape of some scary creature. I thought it had wings, it looked like an animal!”

When he shared his photos online, many locals were also confused.

Some consider this creature to be a mythical chupacabra, others say it is a cross between a bat and a fish. In addition, some people find the creature to be very similar to Falkor – the dragon from the 1984 movie The NeverEnding Story.

“I’ve been fishing there for years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” one person commented.

“It’s the result of toxic waste constantly being dumped into our oceans,” another said.

Another wrote: “It looks like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter!”

The strange creature attracts the attention of the locals.

However, in the end, the answer was revealed – Kenny found an angel shark, a species of shark on the verge of extinction.

Angel sharks were once common throughout the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. However, the development of fishing in the 1980s led to a serious decline in the number of this fish.

The type of angel shark Kenny encountered was a Squatina Dumervil, also known as a sand demon. However, due to insufficient data, it is still unclear how dangerous the sand devil is.

This shark spends most of its time burying its body in sediment on the ocean floor, lying in wait for prey, including crocodiles, goatfish and butterfish.

Although not normally aggressive, this fish can cause serious injuries if provoked, even attacking fishermen.

The particular shark’s cause of death remains a mystery.


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