August 9

Savage demons love to torment humans


The goal of these demons is not purely to kill or eat meat, they want to torment human suffering more.

1. Lady of the Day – The devil likes to ask difficult questions

Lady Midday, or Lady of the Day, is a female demon. The demon often asked very difficult questions to farmers working in the fields, often on the hottest days of summer. If the answer is wrong, the demon will cut off the victim’s head with a scythe or scissors.

The Day Lady appears in various forms, sometimes as a little girl, a woman, or an old woman.

  1. Asag – The devil likes “sex” with mountains

Asag is one of many demons capable of spreading disease, but there are many things that make it odder than usual. Legend has it that Asag had relations with all the mountains of the world, spawning stone demons to become his army. He also has an extremely grotesque and ugly appearance, so much so that all the fish in the rivers and lakes die white every time he appears.

  1. Jikininki – The demon who likes to steal things from the dead

Buddhism in Japan holds that one’s lifestyle and actions determine one’s fate and death. If you live selfish, cruel, greedy lives, when you die, you will become a Jikininki.

Jikininki are ghosts that eat corpses. They are very ugly, and to survive they must eat people who have just died. They also steal things from the dead, even the living.

  1. Az – The demon that is never full

Az is the demon of greed and laziness. In the legend, Az swallowed everything he could to satisfy his desires, but never felt full. If there is nothing to eat, he will eat himself.

Az is not the demon of death, but he will bring death with his corruption. He is behind all the devastation that befalls mankind.

  1. Surgat – The devil likes hide and seek

Surgat is the scariest version of Mr. Boggart, or Mr. Ba Be – a character that often scares children. Surgat often hides in dark places, hidden corners in the house, even slithering through the door gap. It also often hides under the bed, wardrobe. If your child says there’s something under his bed, don’t assume he’s just imagining it.

  1. Alp – The demon that likes to harass

Alp can be a demon or an evil spirit of the dead. In folk tales, children are abandoned or die at birth.

Alp has a strange way of harassing men and women. They enter the victim’s mouth in the form of smoke or a snake, drink blood through the breasts of both men and women, and absorb the milk of women and cows. In addition, it also sucks life out of the victim. Folk myths suggest that women can prevent Alps from bothering them at night by leaving their shoes next to the bed, with the toes facing the door.


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