July 19

Rookie 18+ revealed that he intended to quit his job after 2 months, he was supported by fans so much that he decided to “turn the car”


Initially, Nozomi Ishihara intended to act in as many films as possible, then “retire” prematurely after only 2 months.

Nozomi Ishihara was born in 2001, joined the 18+ industry in June 2020. With a beautiful face, hot body and charming personality, she was quickly noticed by netizens and compared with previous “AV goddesses”. Another thing that makes Nozomi Ishihara stand out is that she works with a dizzying frequency – more than 10 movies a month, creating a new fever in the AV industry when pushing Nozomi Ishihara’s name higher.

For about 3 months in the middle of 2020, Nozomi Ishihara continuously held the No. 1 position in the rankings of 18+ platforms, surpassing even seniors Yua Mikami, Eimi Fukada, etc.. Noticing the girl’s charm young, even the major studios of the AV industry have stepped in.

Previously, Nozomi Ishihara was just a freelance actress and was paid a pretty low salary, compared to exclusive actors. However, the film studio Moodyz reached out to Nozomi to offer a contract with a large amount of bribes to invite this girl to sign an exclusive contract.

So far, she has more than 1 year of operation in the 18+ industry. At this point, the girl born in 2001 looks back and confided in her fans about the things that have happened during the past 1 year. According to her, when she first joined the AV industry, her plans were completely different from what she does at the moment.

Initially, Nozomi Ishihara intended to act in as many films as possible, then “retire” prematurely after only 2 months. However, everything went quite smoothly and she felt much happier than expected. Nozomi herself also received a lot of support not only from fans, but also encouraging words from the manager, director and producer. In the end, she decided to “stay” with the profession.

She also feels lucky because she quickly became known on social networks. After only about 2 months as an 18+ actress, Nozomi Ishihara has gained more than 90,000 followers. The outbreak also gave her more time to interact directly with fans on social networks and become more famous.

As a girl from a small town, Nozomi spends a lot of time on her phone in her free time. She also loves to take selfies, pose and post them for everyone to see, then see each person’s reactions and comments.

At this point, Nozomi Ishihara felt much more comfortable, as she had adapted to her current situation. However, she also wants the epidemic to be over soon and to meet more people soon in the near future.


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