May 3

Return the true age for the Earth’s crust


Thanks to the new method, a team of scientists have redefined the age of the Earth’s crust, which turns out that mankind has long counted 500 million years short for the crust of the earth.

Texture of the Earth

According to a report presented at the European Union Geosciences (EGU) 2021 conference held online, the researchers found evidence that the Earth’s continental crust formed at least before. 3.7 billion years, half a billion years earlier than previously determined.

To draw the above conclusions, the team analyzed a mineral called barite, a mixture of sea salt and barium leaked from volcanic vessels in the seabed.

Reporting author Desiree Roerdink, a geochemist at the University of Bergen (Norway), said that the results could affect the way people have long envisioned the evolution of life.

First, that means that the processes for creating continents, like tectonic plates, have been going on on Earth for longer than expected, at least equal to the time the Earth’s crust formed.

Besides, the new discovery could force scientists to re-study the evolution of life in the oceans.

While the continents stabilize over time, they pour nutrients into the ocean. These nutrients help nourish life in the ocean’s heart, according to a report published in the journal Science.

By the time the Earth’s crust stopped growing for about 1 billion years into the “middle age” of the Earth’s age, life’s evolution was also unexpectedly slowed down.


Earth, Texture of the Earth

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