May 7

Retired, hot girl 18+ movie cultivated for a while to teach lesson plans, opened classes to teach “knowledge”, and gave scholarships to excellent students.


The class of a hot girl is attracting a lot of attention.

When it comes to Meguri’s name in the Japanese AV industry, many people will immediately think of a beautiful hot girl who owns an oversized bust, even considered the most beautiful. second compared to other colleagues. But there is also a lot of controversy surrounding Meguri’s claims, especially recently, she is spending a lot of time and focus on her YouTuber job. Accordingly, most recently, the hot girl also shocked many people when she seriously announced that she would condemn the lesson, open a class about knowledge related to AV movies.

Meguri – sexy 18+ hot girl movie in the story

Accordingly, the hot girl’s YouTube channel, with her hard work on vlogging and making shocking statements, has also attracted 350,000 subscribers – an impressive number for her name. turmeric. Meguri’s name is even so popular that many of her fans always have the same wish, which is to see the sexy goddess come back in any future project. However, it seems that this is difficult to come true, when not only declaring true love, recently, Meguri also surprised many people when she planned to popularize her knowledge and experience. years of making his profession through a course.

Meguri is very diligent to invest time to develop her YouTube channel, sometimes with such genuine guests as Yuna Ogura

Specifically, in an announcement on the community tab, Meguri named her class “Classes of Love”, and also announced that she had composed the best quality lectures to give to those who participated. In terms of content, it is nothing but knowledge about male and female issues that Meguri has accumulated and cultivated during her acting years. It is not known if the hot girl’s project this time will be successful, but at least it has attracted wide attention.

Although Meguri’s Love Class has just been announced, many people have responded and announced their willingness to participate

Even, as Meguri revealed, that was not the place to impart basic knowledge. The hot girl herself will also take the time to compose questions, tests and give “scholarships” to those who are talented to overcome all the challenges. More interestingly, what “scholarship” is, Meguri does not mention but only implied in a very unpredictable way.

Meguri’s “unpredictable” scholarship makes many people excited



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