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Real life weapons are overly buffed in the game


These weapons are really powerful in the game, making players wonder if real life is really this strong.

1. Desert Eagle – Counter Strike

Desert Eagle is a gun that is too famous for those who play shooters, and this is also one of the most loved guns in games, movies, TV series because it is plated with a shiny chrome and Its damage is also very high.

One of the first DE versions most accurately reproduced in the game was in 2000, when Counter-Strike was released. Shooters today most have this plant in their arsenal.

In addition to Counter-Strike, there are many other games that “duplicate” the DE: the gun has very high damage, uses a large ammo size, has a high recoil, and is not as accurate as a gun. other continent.

The problem here is that if there was a game that tried to depict military forces or government agency employees as accurately as possible, then DE would not have a door to be named in the list of weapons of these subjects. .

And despite appearing a lot in the game, currently there are only 2 special forces in the world using DE, the forces of Poland and Portugal, but the thing is that neither of them uses the . 50 AC that you often use in Counter-Strike.

  1. Minigun – Grand Theft Auto DRAW

The minigun is a very unique invention. It has a weight of about 38.6kg (lighter version is 18.6kg) and the ability to “release” about 2000 to 6000 rounds in 1 minute. The most commonly seen minigun version in the game is the M134.

GTA V is no exception. First appearing in 2002 in Vice City, the minigun became the famous weapon of this series, and then went on to appear in 8 more games.

However, the minigun in GTA V is far from reality. The heavy version can only be used in one place, so the M134 in GTA is the light version. But although the other 18.6kg figure is considered “light”, we still have to calculate the amount of ammunition that needs to be carried.

When the character’s shooting skills in the game are pushed to the maximum, you can carry up to 9999 bullets, which means you have to carry up to… 272.2kg more ammo. So unless you’re a god, carrying a gun & ammunition, walking around without a support frame, and holding a gun without recoil is an impossible task.

  1. Bow – The Last of Us

The goal in the game is that at all costs, you have to live. In the first segment, you will find a set of bows and arrows located on the rooftop.

The bow is a favorite weapon of many gamers because it is both silent (almost), and “shoots to death”. For example, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn all have this weapon, and it is very powerful. As for TLoU, the bow and arrow is an extremely important weapon, it both helps you hide, and helps defeat the target quickly.

However, it has a rather funny mechanic: The arrow’s damage will increase when the protagonist Joel is hidden. The same arrow, aiming at the same location, shoots at the same speed, but if you are hiding, the enemy will die immediately, otherwise… just like a mosquito bite.

  1. All Weapons – Left 4 Dead 2

As one of the monuments of the zombie shooting genre, L4D2 has conquered millions of gamers not only then but still today. With the new version, L4D2 has up to 16 weapons, plus 11 melee weapons, while part 1 only has 6 weapons. In real life, when changing a new magazine, you only need to reload it once and then discharge it all. However, weapons in L4D2 are not so “realistic”. Every time you change guns, the character in the game reloads again, even though he has done this action before. If you do that in the real world, you’ll waste your unfired bullets, or worse, jam the gun.


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