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Ranked the strength of the gods from weak to strongest, the top 1 name is quite surprising


Below is a list of the gods in the Dragon Ball series sorted from weakest to strongest.

In the Dragon Ball series, in addition to talents from different universes, there are also many gods with terrible power. Let’s have a look at the names of the gods that have appeared! I wonder who is the most powerful deity in the Dragon Ball world, right?

12. God Kami

God Kami was originally a Namek named Katas and a good version of Maou Piccolo. When he became the guardian of the Earth and witnessed the suffering of mankind, he created the Dragon Ball and the Earth Dragon God with the desire to help people with the will and courage to achieve their dreams in life. . God Kami also adopted Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha as his disciples.

11. Kingkai cosmic god

King Kai belongs to the Core People race, he was born in World Core from an ordinary fruit. King Kai is the ruler of the north of the universe, but he is better known as the master of Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Piccolo and Chiaotzu.

10. Old Kai

Old Kaio (Old Kaio) is the 15th generation Kaioshin commonly known as the oldest known in the Universe 7. Kaioshin. He is currently an adviser to Shin. Old Kai was originally a young and energetic Kai with blue skin and characteristic kaioshins (quite similar to Shin). But after the old witch stole the earrings and the two fused together, he was transformed into an old man with wrinkled skin, and a lot of hair loss. In particular, he has gained a lot of magical powers from the witch, for example he has the ability to unlock the power of Gohan with a Mystic.

9. Supreme Kai

The Supreme Kai, also known as the God of Creation, are the “Core People” whose ultimate mission is to protect the universe where they rule. They have divine powers and live on their respective planets in “Other World”. Their level is far beyond the ordinary Kai, for example the lower Kai observes the world of the living world, the Supreme Kai observes both “Other World” and the living world.

The current 5 ruling Kaioshins namely Dai Kaioshin and 4 Kaioshin East – West – South – North:

  • Dai Kaioshin: the fattest person
  • Nam Kaioshin: the tallest person
  • North Kaioshin: a person who is both short and fat
  • West Kaioshin: The single female Kaioshin
  • East Kaioshin: My name is Shin

8. Zamasu

Zamasu is a prominent villain of the Dragon Ball Super series with her hegemony power and ideology. Zamasu is the former apprentice of the 10th Universe Kaioshin, before that he was North Kaio. Zamasu was originally a calm person but always despised humans, considering them inferior species.

7. God of Destruction

The world in Dragon Ball Super exists in 12 universes, each with its own god of destruction. Gods of Destruction are gods who are responsible for destroying the planets to maintain balance for the universe. The god of destruction is one of the most powerful deities in the multiverse, and their power makes everyone who hears the name dread. In it, the God of Destruction Beerus of Universe 7 is the most famous and loved character.

6. Angel

The Angels are angels / angels with endless power and have a very high position in the system of gods in the world of Dragon Ball. Their main responsibility is to care for, teach martial arts and monitor the work of the Gods of Destruction. There are 12 universes and each universe will have 1 angel. When the Destroyers die, the angels also cease to function (they still live) until another God of Destruction takes its place. The power of these angels is still a mystery because it has not been fully revealed. Only know them are very erudite, have a good background in all things in the universe. In which, Angel Whis of Universe 7 is the most known.

5. Zeno’s bodyguard

Zeno always had bodyguards accompanying him. Up until now, we have never seen them fight so it won’t be possible to measure their exact strength. However, as the guardian of Zeno, it means that their strength is also great, even surpassing the Angels.

4. The Ambassador

The Grand Priest is the most powerful of the angels. When it comes to the Grand Priest, he is not only a god, but also the most powerful god of Zen-Oh. He is the second person in the universe who can destroy all life with just one thought. The Grand Priest is also the father of half of all 12 angels. Whis says his powers are only part of the strength that the Grand Priest wields.

3. Zalama

Zalama is the god who created the Super Dragon Ball, who was first mentioned by Zuno when Bulma asked about Dragon Ball Super. Zalama’s strength and appearance have never been directly shown in Dragon Ball Super, but being the creator of the super god Dragon cannot take this god lightly. Because Super Shenron cannot exceed the capabilities of their creators, here it can fulfill all wishes.

2. Zeno / Zen – Oh

Zen – Oh is the supreme king of the 12 universes, and also the god of the greatest power. According to Whis said, in the past there were a total of 18 universes. However, after being “bothered”, Zen – Oh “accidentally” wiped out 6 universes gently, leading to present only 12 universes in existence. This supreme god’s appearance is truly adorable. Zen – Oh has an elliptical face with blue and purple divided into 3 parts. His ears are gray and cylindrical, resembling Cell’s. Especially Zen’s nose – Oh so small that the naked eye cannot see, or maybe he has no nose.

1. Tori Bot

Tori Bot – a character considered representative of the author Toriyama, he will appear from time to time as an “Easter egg” in the series! The Tori Bot is said to be the creator of everything, even Zeno sama. This character may not be remarkable right now, nor do many people in the story know of his existence, but the Tori Bot is real.


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