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Popular 18+ actor chart May 2021: Yua Mikami suddenly lost the top 1, Eimi Fukada returned to the race track


After 2 months at the top of the rankings, Yua Mikami has finally lost the top spot to an up-and-coming rookie.

The land of cherry blossoms has long been known for making everything very thoughtful, careful and meticulous. Even in the field of statistics, they also list out a full list for fans to review and evaluate, which is the most popular work in each month. And with the adult film industry, this is no exception.

Until the next appointment, the Bookmate store system in Japan has announced the ranking of the 100 most popular actresses in May 2021. It is known that at the beginning of next month, this chain of stores will list the top 100 again so that fans can know the most popular names in the previous month.

In the past 2 months, Yua Mikami has continuously occupied the top of the table continuously, partly confirming the No. 1 position of the girl born in 1993 when participating in the 18+ industry. However, this May, she could not keep the 3rd place in a row when she was robbed of the first place by a very young rookie named Hana Himesaki.

Next in the top 10 is the appearance of both old and new names in the AV world. Mei Satsuki (3), Hana Shirato (5) and Asakura Kokona (10) are the top 3 names to compete. In the remaining positions, there are mainly familiar names that have been familiar to viewers from the past until now, such as Akari Tsumugi (4), Yu Shinoda (6), Riho Fujimori (7), Momo Sakura (8) and Nene Tanaka (9).

In the top 25, the “olds” are somewhat superior when compared to the emerging rookies. At a glance, we can see the appearance of Nao Jinguji (11), Riri Nanatsumori (14), Shoko Takahashi (16), Kana Momonogi (19), Eimi Fukada (20), Tsukasa Aoi (21) and Ai Mukai (22). So after a few months of gradual ups and downs, Eimi Fukada has also returned to the top 20, but perhaps she has to work harder to return to the top position to compete with Yua Mikami.

S1 studio is still leading with a list of outstanding names in the rankings. Besides Yua Mikami and Tsukasa Aoi. It also owns Koyoi Konan (15), Asuka Aka (32), Kaoru Yasui (38), Yura Kano (46), Mahina Amane (57), Aika Yumeno (59), Uta Hayano (62) and Sayaka Otoshiro ( eighty seven).

It is known that rankings like these are a measure and also an important part of adult film awards throughout the year. The names with the top sales in the chart will be nominated in important categories, thereby enhancing their reputation and status in this particular field.


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