June 8

Pokémon that are judged by fans as having a brutally bad design


There are Pokémon with extremely beautiful designs, but somewhere there are still extremely odd designs that make fans feel bored.

These super “lazy” Pokemon designs never seemed to be approved, but somehow, they became a reality. An ice cream cone, a bunch of keys, a few screws… and become a Pokemon? Looks like someone at Game Freak is “twisting his brain” to keep up with the schedule so he doesn’t get scolded by his boss.

  1. Vanillish

With his appearance, Vanillish looks like it is easy to be “eaten raw” mistakenly because it is too similar to … an ice cream cone. This makes quite a lot of fans wonder if the designer of Pokémon is craving ice cream and came up with a strange and strange design like this.

  1. Klink

At least the Vanillish ice cream cone has a few fresh decorations, and Klink is no different from two interlocking gears. Indeed, just look at it, its eyes and mouth are simply drawn, how can there be any creativity? In addition, Klink also possesses an attack called “Gear Grind” (engine sound). And it seems that with such shaping, this is the move with the most accurate name in the entire Pokémon world.

  1. Luvdisc

Luvdisc is a fish Pokémon, with an unthinkable design. It seems to be created to serve couples in love, so its design is also very simple and gentle – like a love that every couple in love wants. This is obviously an interesting idea, but its overly simplistic presentation has also left a lot of thought and debate in the Pokémon community.

  1. Voltorb

Voltorb is considered by many to be a Pokémon born because the designer had to… run a deadline. No need to draw much, just take the Pokéball, then draw a little “smug” face, give it a name. So since then, we’ve got a new Pokémon to join the Pokémon wars.

  1. Exeggcute

Exeggcute is a combination of eggs “paired” together. Among them are cracked fruit, broken fruit, each fruit has its own face, some are sad, some are happy, some are angry… Its design is really boring, making many people self-confident. asked why the first generation of Pokémon had such puzzling creations sometimes.

  1. Unown

Unown is one of the weirdest creations of the 2nd generation of the Pokémon world. Described as a Pokémon from the ancient world, it’s as simple as the ancients couldn’t draw Pokémon – the lettering design with an eye inside. I don’t understand why the designer is so funny?

  1. Ditto

Ditto is a Pokemon that can transform into any other Pokemon it has ever encountered. But that doesn’t mean that Ditto has to be painted like this piece of chewing gum people spit on the street and step on it like this…


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