May 20

Over Half of Australians Think Elon Musk Invented Bitcoin


Over 40% of respondents were unaware that Bitcoin has a limited supply.

According to a new survey, Australians’ knowledge of cryptocurrencies could be slightly improved, as more than half of them think that Elon Musk created Bitcoin (BTC).

Finder, Australia’s most visited comparison website, surveyed 1,004 Australians to find out more about what they know about cryptocurrencies, The Australian reported on Wednesday.

According to survey results, 56% of Australians don’t know about mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, they believe Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Musk is the creator of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. A significant number of respondents are also unaware that Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 million coins, with 44% of them thinking that Bitcoin has an unlimited supply just like fiat money.

The survey also shows that many Australians are ready to use cryptocurrency or are willing to enter the industry, with 25% of respondents owning or planning to own cryptocurrency by the end of 2021. Despite considerable willingness to buy cryptocurrency, up to 20% of Australians don’t know how to buy it, according to data obtained.

Cryptocurrency market wobbles after just a few tweets from billionaire Elon Musk

The cryptocurrency market plunged last week after Musk announced that Tesla was suspending BTC payments for car purchases. The market wobbled even more as the CEO hinted at selling BTC off Tesla’s balance sheet in Q2 2021.


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