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One Piece: Top 5 characters that can save Luffy from a free fall, will Sanji continue to play the role of “King saves people”?


The “big neck” boy Luffy has been defeated and is in free fall, the following 5 characters can save Luffy from a dangerous situation.

As we all know, Luffy was defeated by Kaido, white-eyed and in free fall. So who will save Luffy, let’s take a look at these names!


The “king of saving people” Sanji has successfully completed his mission when he saved Zoro in time in One Piece chapter 1012. Currently, Sanji is still cleaning up Kaido’s soldiers and protecting Zoro after this swordsman has died. was badly injured and had to be bandaged. It will be interesting for Sanji to use his armor and ability to move in the air to continue another spectacular save. Zoro and Luffy have “acted” in the past chapters, it is time for the blond guy of the Straw Hats to show his role. If this turns out, Sanji really deserves the title of “King Save People” in this Wano arc.


This is also a possible name that can carry out saving Luffy easily. With his Phoenix Devil Fruit ability, Marco easily moves in the air at a fast speed. Currently, he is facing two triads, the Fire King and the Plague Queen, plus the unpredictable behavior of Perospero, Big Mom’s child. Now that Nekomamushi was moving to Marco, it would make sense if the former first team of the Whitebeard Pirates had rescued Luffy in time.


This is also a very suitable name for saving Luffy as Law’s Devil Fruit powers can easily rescue anyone by swapping them. In fact, many times Law has also saved Luffy and others in this way, so to help Luffy recover after being knocked unconscious by Kaido, Law will once again rescue his ally from from a free fall.


This is also a person that many fans think will be the character to rescue Luffy. Momonosuke possesses an artificial dragon fruit that allows him to transform into a dragon and move through the air. Oda also detailed that Momonosuke is the one who knows how Luffy and Kaido fight, it is possible that Oden’s son will be the one to rescue Luffy.


Yamato is a Devil Fruit eater, and currently her ability has not been shown much. Kaido’s daughter also wants to go to her father and support Luffy. Most likely it will be Yamato who will save Luffy and confront Kaido, allowing the Straw Hat captain to recover and return to the battle.

All in all, Luffy’s defeat and freefall is a necessary scenario to raise the power of Yonko Kaido and make this battle at Wano truly a climactic clash. In the immediate future, Luffy needs to be saved and give him time to recover before going back to compete with Kaido and defeat him as he claimed. Above are the 5 most likely names that can rescue Luffy in the coming chapters of One Piece. In addition to these characters, which name do you think will save Luffy, please leave your comments!


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