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One Piece Theory: Could this be the purpose of Kaido wanting to go to Marineford and why Shanks stopped him?


If this theory were to play out, would the world in One Piece really be different if Kaido reached Marineford and rescued Ace?

From the detail in One Piece chapter 984, through a conversation with Luffy, Kaido’s daughter – Yamato has confirmed that having an acquaintance with the fire power Ace, it is very likely that this relationship is more than a friendship. Immediately on many One Piece forums in Vietnam appeared theories of readers that Kaido had intended to go to Marineford to save his “future son-in-law”. But as we all know, this operation of Kaido was stopped by Shanks and forced Kaido to return to Wano.

Kaido wants to go to Marineford but is stopped by Red Hair Shanks

This is a pretty good hypothesis of many readers, through the detail that Kaido used to drink and get drunk many times that showed that in the past this prince had experienced some loss that caused him suffering, many times tried to commit suicide. It is very likely that the loss of his wife and enemy idol daughter, Oden, made Kaido depressed.

However, with his personality, it is possible that Yamato is greatly loved and spoiled by Kaido. And most likely when he heard that his “lover” was being captured by the navy and wanted to be executed at Marineford, Yamato persuaded his father to save Ace. Although he did not want to, but under the pressure of his only daughter, Kaido agreed.

Does a cruel and intriguing person like Kaido really want to go to Marineford just to save Yamato’s daughter’s boyfriend Ace?

However, as we all know, Kaido and the Beast Pirates were stopped by Red Hair Shanks. It is also for that reason that Kaido was unable to reach Marineford. So why did Shanks stop Kaido’s action? Does Shanks not want to save Ace? Shanks is closely related to Thien Long Nhan? Shanks is the “final boss”? All of that may not be true. The fact that Shanks stopped Kaido was simply because a villain and a lot of intrigues like Kaido could just use an excuse to save Ace to carry out his plot at Marineford. By then, the fighting situation at the naval headquarters will be very unpredictable.

Did Yamato’s confirmation of knowing Ace make the theory that Kaido went to Marineford to rescue Ace so popular?

A sadist like Kaido would not merely come to Marineford to save the captain of another band of four emperors without any other conspiracy. Kaido is most likely Blackbeard, having excess turbid water to mess with Marineford. In short, the fact that another Yonko Kaido intervened in the war at Marineford is unlikely to benefit the Whitebeard Pirates’ rescue Ace.

And of course a person with enough intelligence and deductive ability like Redhead Shanks already knew that. Shanks tries to find a way to get Kaido to give up his plot at Marineford and hasten to the Marine headquarters to help Whitebeard rescue Ace. But as we all know, it’s all too late.

Someone willing to lose an arm to save Luffy like Redhead Shans feared that Kaido coming to Marineford was for another purpose?

Overall, it was possible that Kaido went to Marineford to save Ace at Yamato’s request, but that was just the excuse, behind it was another brutal plot that Kaido wanted to make. Shanks stopped Kaido and caused the battle of Marineford, even though he witnessed the tragic deaths of Whitebeard and Ace, Luffy and the rest of the Whitebeard crew returned.


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