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One Piece: If Zoro really possesses Conqueror Haki, here are the 5 best characters to teach him how to use it.


Perhaps a lot of One Piece fans hope Zoro really owns Haki.

One of the surprises in One Piece chapter 1010 is when Zoro’s Asura technique successfully injured Kaido. This causes Kaido to suspect that Zoro has Haoshoku Haki, although Zoro himself does not realize he has this rare type of haki.

So, if Zoro really has Haoshoku Haki, who is the right character to teach Zoro to develop it?

  1. Shanks

First of all, Shanks is an excellent swordsman. Not only good at swordsmanship, Shanks also has the extremely powerful Haoshoku Haki, which he can integrate this type of haki into his attacks.

Based on this factor, Shanks could actually be a suitable teacher to teach both Zoro and Luffy how to use haki. Especially for Zoro, as both are sword users.

  1. Silvers Rayleigh

Witnessing how Rayleigh used Busoshoku Haki to be able to knock Rusukaina’s giant elephant, some fans suspected that the Shadow King had also integrated his Haoshoku Haki into the attack at the time. That’s why Luffy couldn’t imitate that technique, because at that time he couldn’t use Haoshoku Haki for an attack.

In addition, Rayleigh is also a veteran swordsman so if he was to teach Zoro to infuse Haoshoku Haki into the sword, he could do it perfectly. The only problem is whether or not the Straw Hats will have time to see Rayleigh again, unless Rayleigh decides to help them.

  1. Dracule Mihawk

Currently, it is unknown if Mihawk has Haoshoku Haki or not. But basically, he was the one who made Zoro stronger than he is today. He has also fought people with Haoshoku Haki, such as Shanks. In fact, he is also one of only two characters who can turn his sword black, the other being Ryuma.

If it is true that making the sword black involves the use of Haoshoku and Busoshoku Haki then Mihawk might be the right person to teach Zoro. Even while teaching Zoro, Mihawk was able to duel with his students, just like Luffy and Kaido are now. There is also a unique theory from fans, which is that it turns out that Mihawk has actually taught Zoro the basics of how to control Haoshoku Haki since they trained during the timeskip, but Zoro didn’t admit it. out that.

  1. Hyogoro

I don’t know if Hyogoro Hoa has Haoshoku Haki or not. But before defeating Kaido in chapter 1010, Luffy remembered Hyogoro’s teaching about Ryuo and that was one of the factors for Luffy to be able to recognize Kaido using Haoshoku Haki to attack him.

Since Hyogoro is a swordsman, teaching Zoro about Advanced Haki was probably even easier for Luffy. At the very least, Hyo can teach Zoro the principles and basic knowledge of the Haki line. Then in a precarious situation in battle, Zoro will figure out how to use Haoshoku Haki properly, just like Luffy.

  1. Monkey D. Luffy

If you notice, in chapter 1010, when Zoro didn’t even notice he was using Haoshoku Haki, Luffy was able to integrate Haoshoku into his attack. Currently, Luffy’s haki usage level is higher than Zoro’s, probably due to the fact that he realized he had Haoshoku a long time ago and was also trained by Rayleigh at Rusukaina.

For now, there’s no guarantee Zoro will be able to see Mihawk or Rayleigh again in the near future. So, the possibility that a suitable teacher for Zoro right now (near Zoro) could be Hyogoro or Captain Luffy himself. The problem is that Luffy has the ability to teach people not yet.


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