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One Piece Hypothesis: Kaido will be defeated under the 3rd “total attack” of the alliance faction


If Kaido is the final boss of the Wano arc, perhaps his fate is to be defeated?

So far, in the war on Oni Island, the alliance has had 2 waves of Kaido attacks. Although both of these attacks failed to defeat Kaido, at least the second was able to damage the Yonko.

Of course, the battle to overthrow Kaido won’t stop here, meaning we will probably see an attack on Kaido again.

  1. Whose first and second Kaido attacks?

The first attack on Kaido on Oni island was from the Nine Red Bao group. These samurai fought very well and gave all their strength, but unfortunately Kaido was only scratched. Unfortunately, none of the Nine Red Baos can use Haoshoku Haki in their attacks, so the injuries they inflict on Kaido can be said to be insignificant.

The second wave of attacks was by nearly all of the Worst Generations present in Wano. Out of the Worst Generation in Onigashima right now, the only one who didn’t join was Drake. We won’t count Hawkins and Apoo as they are both still on the villain side, serving Kaido.

During this attack, two members of the Straw Hats, Luffy and Zoro, were able to launch attacks with Haoshoku Haki, making it difficult for Kaido. Unfortunately, despite all their efforts, they still could not defeat the Yonko. The best they could do was separate Kaido and Big Mom, and hurt Kaido quite a bit.

  1. Who will be suitable for the third Kaido attack?

The second wave of attacks on Kaido involved Law, Zoro, Luffy, Kid, and Killer. Therefore, those involved in the 3rd Kaido attack could be names that have yet to face the Yonko, and suitable candidates would probably be Yamato, Marco, Jinbe, Sanji and X Drake.

Of these five, Yamato is on his way to the roof of the island, Jinbe is busy fighting Who’s Who, Marco and X Drake seem to be still in the stage area, and Sanji is walking towards the stage carrying Zoro. All of the names just listed are tough fighters, and they haven’t tried to face Kaido yet.

So if there is a 3rd wave, can they win? Almost impossible. Especially since none of these five characters are known to possess Haoshoku Haki. Those most likely to have Haoshoku Haki are Yamato and Marco, but so far they have shown no sign of possessing it.

Even so, I suspect that if there were a 3rd wave of attacks on Kaido, the goal might not be to win. They will probably focus on keeping Kaido at bay until Luffy returns to the battle again. In that case, Marco, Jinbe, Sanji, X Drake, and Yamato all had to be tough enough to buy time for the Straw Hat captain’s return.

Of course, if they were targeted by Kaido with an attack with Haoshoku Haki, the defenses of the Fish-Man, the Germa suit, and the ancient Zoan-type would still be useless.

  1. Another possibility is that the third wave will be the final allied assault on Kaido

In the 3rd attack, there is also the possibility that Kaido will lose as all the remaining skilled warriors in Onigashima will join the battle. Looking at Onigashima’s situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true that Kaido had to be weakened by those on the alliance side who could still fight. Perhaps even the Nine Hong Bao and the Worst Generation will join in the final assault. And then, the one to finish Kaido will be Luffy with his Haoshoku Haki added fist.

I doubt this can happen after the events of One Piece chapter 1013. Because Kaido’s fight against the first and second attacks happened in a row. After the Nine Hong Bao group was completely defeated, Luffy and the others made it to the roof.

Now, what would Kaido do when he was alone on the roof? For example, if Yamato can get here quickly, she will have a one-on-one chance with her father until help arrives. But if that doesn’t happen, then Kaido will probably come down from the roof to “take care” of the remaining enemies. However, if such a development happened, everyone would try to restrain Kaido.


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