May 7

One Piece: Big Mom is over again, Nami plays the role of a “flip-flop”, what a couple born for each other.


That is the opinion of many One Piece fans seeing how Nami “switched sides” and “swapped” in the latest chapter.

In Oda’s characterization of Nami, he excelled at creating an image of an intelligent, beautiful, agile, and also very wise in many situations. In essence, Nami knows how to get out of trouble and takes advantage of the people around her to achieve her goals. And this was once again shown in One Piece chapter 1012.

Realizing that Big Mom is trying her best to protect Otama, Nami cleverly takes advantage of this to “pump” with Big Mom that it is Ulti, Page One’s sister who is behind everything. Nami understood that just by directing Big Mom at Ulti, her party would not lose their strength and be able to defeat 2 very powerful Tobi Roppo under Yonko Kaido. However, life is not a dream, Big Mom still wants to pay with her and the members of the Straw Hat crew that are present there. She attacked and defeated Big Mom simply because he dared to touch Otama.

Realizing that Big Mom did not want to forgive her, by the way Ulti was trying to calculate with Big Mom for daring to beat Tobi Roppo’s little brother, Nami continued the “turn over” when she wanted to join Ulti to defeat Big. Mom. Apparently Nami was smart to understand that, based on Ulti she could safely escape with her party. However, her sister Ulti also did not want it, she declared that she would defeat Big Mom and then count on Nami’s group.

The beauty of Oda is that if you stop there, many people will hate Nami because of the “unruly” and the ability to “turn over” of this Straw Hat pilot. However, when he watched Ulti attack Otama and injure her, Nami decided to go ahead and declare that she would defeat Ulti by herself. As we all know, Nami loves children and she will not forgive anyone who dares to touch children, no matter how shy or reckless she is. The detail that Nami defeated Ulti was a valuable moment that proved Nami’s great nature. In a dangerous pirate world, it is normal to use the enemy to drain the enemy’s energy. However, a girl who loves children like Nami will not forgive and forgive anyone who dares to touch children.

In this regard, Nami suits Big Mom very well. This Yonko often loves children and always wants to protect them. After Big Mom’s “turn over” when fighting the Kaido, One Piece chapter 1012 saw Nami turn his face twice and then his determination to defeat someone who would dare touch children.


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