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One Piece: 8 dangerous people imprisoned on the 6th floor have escaped from the impregnable navy prison


Impel Down prison is a place used to hold the most dangerous elements of the world government with a system of specially designed cells, so not many people can escape here.

Impel Down is said to be the safest prison in the One Piece world. The Impel Down prison system is said to be top-notch, no one can get out once being put in here. This place is used to hold the most dangerous elements of the world government.

However, when Luffy infiltrates here to rescue Ace, many characters escape. Let’s list these names below!

Note: This article only covers the names presented by Oda in the manga, so Douglas Bullet will not appear.

  1. Avalo Pizzaro

Avalo Pizzaro a.k.a. “King of Debauchery” is the former king of North Blue who was overthrown due to his tyrannical rule. Because of Avalo Pizzaro’s danger, he was sent to Impel Down on the 6th floor and erased from history.

After being freed by Blackbeard two years ago, Avalo Pizzaro is now the captain of the 4th division of Blackbeard’s fleet.

  1. Catarina

Catarina Devon “The Crescent Hunter” is arguably the most dangerous female pirate ever imprisoned in Impel Down. Like Avalo Pizzaro, Catarina Devon was freed by Blackbeard from the 6th floor Impel Down two years ago. Now, Devon is the captain of the 6th unit of the Blackbeard Pirate Fleet.

  1. Sir Crocodile

Sir Crocodile is the former president of the mysterious crime organization Baroque Works, one of Straw Hat Luffy’s main opponents. He was initially introduced as a Shichibukai but was later stripped of his title for trying to control the desert kingdom Alabasta. Thanks to Luffy, he escaped from the 6th floor of Impel Down and went to Marineford to join the fight.

After taking part in the battle at Marineford, Sir Crocodile and Daz Bonez decided to set sail again as Pirates of the New World.

  1. Jinbe

Like Crocodile, Jinbe is a former Shichibukai imprisoned in the 6th floor Impel Down and managed to escape with Luffy’s help. The difference is, Jinbe was jailed because he wasn’t willing to help the Marines fight Whitebeard during the Marineford War. After escaping, Jinbe ended up helping Luffy and Whitebeard in the battle.

After two years, Jinbe joined the Straw Hats as the pilot of the Sunny. But now he has had no information since staying at Whole Cake Island with Aladine and the Sun Pirates to stop Big Mom and let the Straw Hats escape.

  1. Sanjuan Wolf

Wolf ate a certain Devil Fruit that made his body many times larger, as big as an island (the size even exceeds Oars), so he is the largest criminal imprisoned in the Impel floor 6. Blackbeard helped him escape from the naval prison and Sanjuan Wolf is currently the captain of the 7th squadron of Blackbeard’s fleet.

  1. Shiki

Shiki is probably the only person on this list who escaped Impel Down on level 6 without Luffy and Blackbeard’s help two years ago. Not only that, Shiki was the first criminal to escape from Impel Down by cutting off his sea stone cuffed legs. In the Strong World special, we see Shiki running away from Impel Down and starting to plan his actions.

  1. Shiryu

Shiryu is the former warden of Impel Down prison. He was imprisoned in Impel Down on the 6th floor due to his actions of repeatedly killing Impel Down prisoners mercilessly. Shiryu was initially released from his cell to help combat the chaos caused by Luffy and Blackbeard. Ironically, Shiryu turned to attack Impel Down and chose to side with Blackbeard. After two years, Shiryu finally became the captain of the 2nd division of the Blackbeard pirate fleet.

  1. Vasco Shot

Not much is known about Vasco Shot, but he can certainly be said to be so powerful and dangerous that he was locked up in Impel Down on the 6th floor. Vasco Shot managed to defeat the 6th floor prisoners on his own. his cell. That means the power of Vasco Shot cannot be underestimated. Now, Vasco Shot is leading the 8th division of the Blackbeard pirate fleet.


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