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Odin: The Untold Story of the Mightiest God in Norse Mythology


As a character quite familiar to mythological fans in general and Marvel fans in particular, Odin has many interesting stories that not everyone knows.

Odin is known as the Norse god of wisdom and war. In addition, he is also associated with poetry, magic and prophecy. Odin is also the father of the thunder god Thor, a god that is loved by many people today thanks to comic books, games or movies.

A Germanic God

The Germanic peoples are peoples recorded by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who speak the Germanic language and are of ancient Norse origin. These peoples migrated throughout Europe during the Migration period. Therefore, Odin is also one of the greatest gods worshiped by these peoples.

Although revered among the Germanic peoples, Odin was not the only deity worshiped. It has been suggested that although Odin may be worshiped by some Nordic peoples, he is not as popular as his son, Thor.

Odin – Father of the Vikings

Dubbed the “Father of all things”, Odin is considered a creator god in Norse mythology. He and his two brothers, Vili and Ve, defeated Ymir, the first god and a giant. From Ymir’s body, Odin created a new world.

In one story, when Odin and his brothers were walking along the beach, they came across two logs, one from an ash tree and the other from an elm. From logs, the gods created humans. Odin gave the creature life and soul, Ve gave mobility and intelligence, and Vili gave the logs their shape, speech, feelings, and senses.

The first man created from the log was Ask, and the first woman was Emble, to live with the gods in Midgard.

Thor and the children of Odin

Not only Thor, Odin has many other children. Odin’s wife is the goddess Frigg, who bore him two sons, Baldur and Hod. Baldur represents light, and Hod represents darkness.

Many of Odin’s lovers were goddesses or of the jotnar/jotunn clan. Among them can be mentioned a jotunn woman named Jord, who is also Thor’s real mother. Another jotunn who also gave birth to Odin was Gridr, Vidarr’s mother. According to the prophecy, Vidarr – the god of vengeance – will avenge his father’s death in the battle of Ragnarok.

One of the other sons Odin had was Vali, whose mother was Rindr. According to the prophecies, Vali will be the avenger of Baldur’s death.

Odin’s fate in the battle of Ragnarok

Mighty as it is, but Odin’s fate will come to an end after the battle of Ragnarok. The Norse believed this to be the final battle of the present universe, and Odin’s death was warned by many prophetic gods. But even Odin couldn’t stop it.

As Ragnarok approaches, the various warriors will converge on Vigrid, where the final battle will take place. The Aesir and Vanir gods, led by Odin, will battle the forces of Loki and jotnar. In Ragnarok, the natural enemy that could bring Odin’s death was Fenrir, a giant wolf and one of Loki’s children.

During the battle, Odin will fight the wolf but will still be devoured by it. However, Odin’s death would be avenged by his son, Vidar, by ripping off Fenrir’s jaws and killing the monster.

Although Ragnarok is portrayed as a devastating event, it is not a doomsday battle. Odin prophesied that the gods and humans would survive, continuing to re-establish the world in the future.


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