May 6

Netizens blamed Doraemon: “Bring a reputation from the future, why not say anything about Corona?”


Bringing the name of the mechanical cat from the future, Doraemon did not say a word about the Corona virus appearance.

The Covid-19 translation caused a great influence on many countries around the world. Fortunately, up to now, the epidemic has progressed and the situation is getting better and better.

On social networks, netizens are also constantly updating and discussing about the new Corona virus and besides important news, people also have some funny stories to calm the situation. Just as recently, netizens suddenly remembered a character from the future, capable of knowing everything in advance but still “hid” nothing, making people miserable with the epidemic, which is Doraemon.

On social networks, a manufactured photo was posted that received many mixed comments from netizens. For example, in the photo recording the moment Doraemon is sitting on a time machine, above is the text inserted with the content: “The cat is from the future but does not say a word about the Corona virus”.

The photo then received a lot of likes, shares and comments from the online community. Most of them believe that it is quite true because Doraemon is inherently from the future, surely knows what happened, but does not bother to “message” the brothers at all, so that everyone will experience a “struggle”. because of the Corona virus.


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