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Monk has a unique ability: the moon is a spaceship built by prehistoric people


The universe is vast and impractical, what man knows is only a little on the surface. The origin of the Moon is also still a mystery to science, and this is always the subject of much controversy. While science cannot explain it, a monk with special powers has revealed that the Moon is a spaceship built by prehistoric people.

More than 100 years have passed, the debates in the scientific community have not come to a consensus, but are increasingly divided. Scientists have proposed three theories about the origin of the Moon: One is that the Moon was captured by the Earth (attracted); the second is that the Moon was born with the Earth; The third is that the Moon separates from the Earth, and currently there is no solid evidence for these three theories. However, when all three theories are rejected, one question remains: Where did the moon come from?

For a long time, people have always had imagination and longing towards the Moon. As Earth’s only satellite, where did the Moon come from? According to the latest research by scientists, the Moon is likely born from the Earth, that is to say, the Earth may be the “mother” of the Moon.

It all started with the US Apollo program in the 1970s. After the US successfully brought humans to the Moon, it continued to send other astronauts into space. During the entire Apollo program, up to 12 astronauts were sent to the Moon, and the US also collected a lot of rock samples on the Moon. Recently, scientists analyzed samples collected by Apollo 14 that year, finding these minerals can only originate from Earth.

Detecting zircon in rock samples brought back from the Moon

This Moon rock sample contains 2 grams of special minerals, including quartz, feldspar and zircon, which are common on Earth, but they are almost impossible to exist on the Moon. After further analysis, the researchers discovered that this mineral was formed 4 billion years ago, which is about 600 million years after the Earth was formed.

Zircon is one of the oldest minerals formed on Earth. Many scholars believe that the name of this gemstone is derived from the Arabic word “Zarkun”, which means “chusa” or “vermilion”. Others believe its origin is “Zargun” in Persian, meaning “golden”.

In addition, 4 billion years ago, the distance between the Moon and Earth was only a third of what it is now, each year the Moon will move away from the Earth by 3.8 cm.

The theory that the Moon was formed on Earth has also become a hot topic in the field of astronomy in recent years. In addition, the researchers also found the isotopic composition of Titanium on the Moon as on Earth. This is also one of the strong proofs that the Moon was born on Earth.

The monk with the special ability to recall his past life revealed the mystery of the Moon

The moon is a spaceship built by prehistoric people

According to a monk with special powers who once recalled his past life, revealed: The moon is a spaceship built by prehistoric people. At the time of the last Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, human moral standards reached unprecedented heights, and gave rise to a highly developed human civilization. At that time, cities around the world also had many different skyscrapers. Objects floating in the air are not airplanes but giant flying machines, like tourist planes that can carry thousands of passengers at once. This type of spacecraft is not limited to flying on Earth, and can roam freely within 9 major planets. All machines at that time used energy sources with very high density, very high efficiency.

The moon was created at that time. Not only can it shine, it is also a spacecraft that can travel to space for a long time! People at that time, to solve the problems caused by darkness, they created the Moon to reflect the sunlight and bring light to the Earth at night.

The front of the Moon is fully polished, it looks very bright at night, which can make the night on the ground as bright as the day. In addition to lighting, it also has a good effect on coordinating the ecological environment on Earth. At night, the light of the Moon is an additional light source that can make plants grow better, and the climate is also much better now.

The moon is a spaceship that can travel to space for a long time
At the same time, the Moon is a spaceship that can travel to space for a long time, which can accommodate a lot of people living in it. Various sophisticated control devices are also located inside, and the sophistication of the machines is much higher than today’s technology. These instruments can maintain the Moon’s normal orbit around the Earth.
Thanks to the use of extremely high density energy, the Moon was able to maintain its rotation and orbit around the Earth to this day! Moreover, it can travel long distances in space without worrying about running out of energy. This type of energy both provides energy for the people living on it, and provides light energy for the growth of plants. This energy can also be used for military purposes. If used for weapons, it can produce incredible destructive power. In the actual battle, the destructive power of the Moon weapon system brought the fleet of aliens plotting to invade Earth to a tragic end.

The Moon has a powerful defensive weapon system that can protect it and the Earth from the invasion and destruction of evil beings in extraterrestrial galaxies. The construction of such a Moon is a huge engineering undertaking. Just like aerospace engineering today, many scientists come together to discuss the construction of the Moon. Engineers from different disciplines are responsible for all aspects of design and fabrication. Many companies supply the necessary accessories for the Moon, and tens of thousands of people are involved in the assembly work and so on.

If that is the case, the fact that the zircon on the Moon originated on Earth, and was created by prehistoric humans could be explained well.

Of course, this theory has not yet been recognized worldwide. Believe that with more in-depth research, we will one day finally uncover the mysteries of the Moon.


Origin of the Moon

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