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Looking at paintings from 1860, he discovered that the main character was holding something very similar to an iPhone


Signs that make many people question whether time travel is real or not?

The popularity of handheld devices made by Apple has made it deeply embedded in people’s daily lives. The iPhones are so popular that sometimes people even imagine that this phone has appeared in places where popular smartphones shouldn’t exist. The most recent example of it is said to be visible in paintings dating back centuries.

Painting The Expected One

The painting below is titled The Expected One, a work by 19th-century Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. And its image is spreading online when viewed from a distance, the girl in the middle of the picture seems to be holding… an iPhone.

Of course, according to some authoritative sources, it’s not an iPhone. This artwork has a religious element, so the girl may be holding something like a hymn book.

Pieter de Hooch .’s painting “The man who delivers a letter to a woman in the hall”

And in fact, another picture has similar signs, even it once attracted the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook himself. That work is called “The Man Who Delivers Letters to a Woman in the Hall” by Pieter de Hooch, painted in 1670. This painting even startled Tim Cook when he saw it in the museum, on a trip to Amsterdam. The story was shared by himself in an interview later, when asked: “Tim, do you happen to know where and when the iPhone was invented?”

“You know, I thought I knew that, until last night,” Cook said. “Last night Neelie took me to see some paintings and one of them shocked me. There’s an iPhone in it. It’s hard to see, but I swear it’s there.”

In fact, like the name suggests, what the character in the picture holds is an envelope. But the artist made it look like an iPhone.

“I always thought I knew when the iPhone was invented, but now I’m not sure anymore,” the Apple CEO said.

However, it should be reconfirmed that the first iPhone was released in 2007 when Steve Jobs was still at the helm of Apple.


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