July 21

Little beauty 18+ confided in her work, revealing the fate of “the profession of choosing people” with fans


Kozue Fujita has many fond memories of her work as an 18+ actress.

Kozue Fujita was born on May 20, 2001, and only entered the entertainment industry in February 20121 as an 18+ actress. She is owned by the management company Prime and is an exclusive actress of studio S1. Although not as highly appreciated as Uta Hayano, Kozue Fujita has more or less attracted the attention of the public.

After debuting, Fujita has surprised many people by actively posting pictures of herself in the past. It is worth mentioning that these images should be kept hidden, but Fujita is very confident to go public without fear of affecting her career. And indeed, it is hard to believe that this girl in the past is so different from the present, at least compared to the photos on the cover.

In fact, she also took advantage to share her life story, when before that, Fujita had a great desire to act in AV movies like her idols and thanks to that desire, the hot girl did not hesitate. afraid to lose weight, learn makeup skills and try to improve their appearance. Then at the present time, she is an exclusive actress of S1 – the largest company in the Japanese AV industry.

Because of her easy-going personality, Kozue Fujita is loved by many fans. Many times, fans have asked her questions about issues around life and work. According to Kozue, the reason she follows this profession is also quite special, even a bit odd.

Previously, Kozue Fujita worked at a store that sold and rented movies. At these stores, there is always a special corner for 18+ products. The store that Kozue works at is not very large, but always has a steady stream of customers. However, stall 18+ is mainly for male employees to serve, not for female employees. This made Kozue very curious.

One day, Kozue Fujita casually went to see this booth and felt more curious about the 18+ industry. The fact that customers talk about actresses also makes her more excited than ever. According to the girl born in 2001, she had known seniors like Ai Uehara or Sora Aoi back then, so this job became more familiar and closer to her.

In addition, Kozue also talked about being in front of the camera for the first time. Like many other girls, the young girl was stressed and found it difficult to sleep. Even while on set, Kozue Fujita got goosebumps and shook her hands because she couldn’t believe she was going to be the main character.

Fortunately, with the help of the director and the studio staff, she was able to complete the film smoothly. She was very grateful for this, so at the next shoot, she brought a cake to give and thank the whole crew that day.


kozue fujita

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