May 5

Listening to her mother, “holy girl” Yua Mikami gradually reduced the frequency of filming, turning to sexy bikini ads


It is no coincidence that recently, Yua Mikami’s filming frequency has decreased significantly.

Since appearing as an actor in the Japanese AV industry, the name Yua Mikami has always been the focus of attention and concern from fans. Beautiful, sexy and extremely charismatic, not to mention having a “famous” past in showbiz, it does not take too long for Yua Mikami to reach out and become one of the top hot girls in the industry. However, recently, it can be seen that Yua Mikami has not maintained a regular filming schedule as before. And the cause is not necessarily due to the impact of the epidemic as many people mistakenly believe.

Accordingly, it has been a long time since we witnessed a new work from Yua Mikami. And while colleagues like Yuka Ogura have been working hard at vlogging to record the recent days of filming, Yua Mikami, on the other hand, is quite calm. Even on her personal page as well as the official YouTube channel, she did not even make any move to show that she will soon return to acting.

Instead, the hot girl spends more time on her outside work. Typically just recently, Yua Mikami has caused many fans to bleed their nose when accepting the invitation to model photos and advertise for a relatively hot bikini brand. Many people even speculate that Yua Mikami is planning to create a brand of her own for this product line in the future. A pretty bold idea, but not without foundation when it should be remembered, Asuka Kirara – the former AV goddess did the same thing.

In addition, there is also another reason for Yua Mikami’s “delay” in filming. Specifically, in the latest vlog, the hot girl had a pretty happy interaction with her biological mother. And here, many fans paid special attention to Yua Mikami’s mother, when she said that until now she has not recognized her daughter’s current job, and advised her to spend a lot more time to develop other careers, gradually replacing just starting to film like before.


Yua Mikami

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