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Let’s look at the absurd details in Dragon Ball Super that few people realize


After watching Dragon Ball Super, do you realize there are too many absurd details in this cult anime?

Dragon Ball Super came to an end when the final episode was aired on March 25, 2018. Due to the popularity of the franchise and the appeal of the power tournament, the last 2 episodes of the series were aired. widely around the world. Even the authorities of some localities in some Latin American countries have arranged the screening on the big screen to serve the fans.

When Dragon Ball Super ended, millions of fans felt regret as if they had to give up a habit that was ingrained in their blood. Fortunately, most were satisfied with the end of the Tournament of Power.

Goku vs Jiren battle as Goku achieves Complete Infinity Instinct

Remember, the battle between Son Goku and Jiren, between the complete Infinity Instinct against the boundless power that once made the whole world feverish in every detail took place. Although the Saiyan warrior easily overwhelmed the Justice Warrior of Universe 11 but when Jiren awakened his latent power, he was able to counter-attack his opponent for a period of time.

However, to win the main is not easy, Son Goku recalls that he did not fight for himself, he reminisces about the past and continues to surpass the limits of Mastered Ultra Instinct and continues to stand up. fight.

Jiren wonders why Goku can still stand up again and again no matter how many times he is defeated. Goku’s answer infuriated Jiren, he did not believe in the strength of his teammates, so he launched a Ki attack towards the place where the 7 universe warriors were sitting. Goku used his teleport to catch it and deflect the attack to save his friend.

This action of Jiren made Goku mad, after “gradually” giving Jiren a match and preparing to deliver a decisive blow, suddenly the side effect of using Ultra Instinct overload made Goku stop, he was in pain. fall down.

Goku is eliminated from the field, Android 17 becomes a star

Taking advantage of the opportunity that Goku is suffering terrible pain from Ultra Instinct’s pressure, Jiren launched a final blow to eliminate Monkey from the tournament of power when suddenly Frieza appeared and once again saved Goku from dropped radio.

However, this detail is not the most surprising thing in episode 130 where the revival of Android 17 was rated as “unbelievable”. Frieza and Android 17 teamed up to fight Jiren, but their efforts were only really successful when Goku showed up to help. In the end, Goku and Frieza got rid of Jiren by sacrifice.

Biggest mistake of the series

The drop of 3 warriors Goku, Frieza and Jiren has brought an opportunity for Android to fulfill their wishes with the super dragon. Instead of wishing to have a giant ship to travel with his whole family as he originally chose to restore all the erased universes. A very good wish.

But according to the Great Thousand Spirits, King Zen-Oh foretold such an outcome even before the tournament began. In the event that a selfish wish was made, he would erase them all.

The tournament is over, how can you say that if the wish is the same, it won’t work? So far during the entire arc, has there been an episode showing such a prophecy? The answer is no. This detail makes the fact that right from the beginning of the tournament tournament is an absurd story, it should be called a conspiracy theory.


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