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Lamia, a monster of great beauty but forgotten in Greek mythology


Besides her stunning beauty, Lamia also has many terrible powers and powerful magic.

The origin of the monster Lamia

According to legend, Lamia was originally a beautiful queen of Libya. She had an affair with Zeus, eventually being cursed by the goddess Hera to turn into a hideous creature. There are many other versions of Lamia’s origin, though nearly all say that Hera sent punishment on Lamia’s head.

The goddess Hera not only turned Lamia into a half-man, half-snake, but also punished all of Lamia’s children by taking them away from her mother and even having to eat her children. However, no matter what, the loss of her child also drove Lamia crazy, since then she became a wandering monster that always stalked to eat other people’s children.

Worse still, Hera also forced the poor woman to not close her eyes, so that Lamia had to watch her child being killed and could not sleep at night. In the end, unable to bear the curse any longer, Lamia poked out her own eyes. There is also a version that, Zeus, out of pity for Lamia’s plight, gave her the ability to remove her eyes anytime she wanted without causing them any harm.

Lamia’s bizarre form

No longer human, Lamia has the head and chest like a normal woman while the rest of her body is curvy. Although Lamia is often depicted as hideous, artists seem to be fascinated with her half-human, half-snake form, even describing her scales as gemstones and that she is graceful when rolled up his snake body.

However, in contrast to foreign artists or writers, Greek writers did not give so much favor to Lamia. They completely omitted her snake body and only described her face as distorted, ugly after her first murder, or disfigured due to the loss of her eyes. In some myths, she even gouged out her eyes because she was so sad for her children, and in other myths it is said that Zeus gave her the power to remove the eyes, thereby that she can sleep.

Lamia’s terrifying power

Besides her stunning beauty, Lamia also has many terrible powers. All in all, though, Lamia’s powers are mainly focused on witchcraft, the ability to predict the future, and shape-shifting.

Many myths refer to Lamia shedding her snake skin to take on her normal human form – a beautiful young woman. This ability is especially useful when she wants to seduce men. Lamia often uses beauty to seduce men and then devours them.

Lamia’s prophecy is also quite a special ability. Lamia often divination through dreams, but ironically, the curse that the goddess Hera cast down made her unable to sleep without removing her irises. Perhaps also to adapt, some versions of the myth say that Lamia prophesied by leaving her soul out of her body and gliding across the earth, looking for secrets that could help her predict what humans would do next. according to the.

In addition to prophecy and transfiguration, Lamia also knows witchcraft. However, Lamia’s magic is quite limited when she is only capable of creating small charms such as turning women invisible or making men lose their reason and awareness around. Of course, Lamia also knew how to make potions with similar effects.


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