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Interesting things about Eimi Fukada, famous Japanese 18+ beauty (P.1)


Eimi Fukada once shared a lot of interesting things around her life.

Referring to the most beautiful beauties in the adult film industry, people often think of names like Sora Aoi, Asuka Kirara or Yua Mikami. However, there is no shortage of beautiful girls in the 18+ film village who possess a captivating beauty. The most famous today is Eimi Fukada, the most prominent little beauty in 2019 in the land of cherry blossoms.

Eimi Fukada was born in 1998, is one of the youngest actresses involved in the field of adult films. In 2017, she started acting under the name Amami Kororo. Initially, Amami Kororo did not have great success, but after changing its name to Eimi Fukada, everything started to become “cool”. Eimi started to become more prominent and became the most prominent adult movie angel in the last few years.

Let’s find out some more interesting information about this beautiful actress below.

  1. Eimi Fukada used to be extremely overweight

Everyone can see how beautiful and charming Eimi Fukada is today, but few people know that, when she was in school, she was very… fat. According to Eimi’s share, the reason for this is because she is very, very fond of sweets and often goes to convenience stores. Of course, eating so much, the body will become heavier.

Gradually, people around her realized how much she was starting to gain weight. The girl began to be teased more by the boys, even with malicious sarcasm like “fat” or “bus”.

Realizing this, Eimi began to eat less and tried to lose weight by fasting. However, she still could not control her cravings. After school, Eimi still had to run straight to the supermarket to buy groceries, crying while eating.

  1. Unforgettable first love

According to Eimi Fukada, her first love… was all pain. Falling in love with a girl born in 1998 since middle school, and Eimi’s crush is the most popular guy in the class. This boy is described by Eimi as very “cool” and sporty, so he is very popular with other girls in the class. And Eimi at that time was just normal like any other girl.

At that time, Eimi wasn’t very good with boys, but this was one of the closest friends Eimi could talk to. She also likes this guy very much, and has also “tried” to confess to the boy in calligraphy class by giving a Valentine’s gift. However, the other guy just “yes” loosely, like dozens of other girls in the class.

Because she was close to her boyfriend, she tried to confess once more. However, the guy even asked a more ironic question: “I’m also in love with another girl now. If I confess to that person and get kicked, I’ll date you.” This was probably the harshest rejection Eimi received at the time.

  1. Lose 20kg with help from grandma

It is well known that Eimi Fukada is overweight. She decided to both have plastic surgery and exercise to lose weight to have a slim and model-like body, like an idol. At the time when she first joined showbiz, she weighed about 70. kg. This is clearly an unacceptable number. To enter the field of adult films, Amami had to lose more than 20 kg to get a perfect body.

According to the sharing, little Eimi received great help from her grandmother. For 3 months, she had to give up foods like rice, bread or miso soup, all she could eat was green vegetables and protein supplements. From a person who only loves sweets and cries while eating, having a perfect body with Eimi Fukada is a great feat.


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