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Interesting things about Aika Yumeno, the hot 18+ angel of the cherry blossom country


Although not the most famous actress, but Aika Yumeno has a loyal and very stable fan base, thanks to which she is always in the top 50 best-selling names in the 18+ industry.

Aika Yumeno was born on August 26, 1994, is one of the most veteran actors of the Japanese adult film industry. She started her career when she was only 18 years old and is an exclusive actress of S1, the most famous studio in Japan at the moment.

Let’s find out some more interesting information about this beautiful actress below.

  1. Small body but extremely hot

Right from the moment she appeared in the entertainment industry at the age of 18, Aika Yumeno has impressed with her extremely hot body and full round 1. However, few people know that her body is quite small, even much smaller than what people imagine – she is only 149 cm tall, measuring 3 rounds 79 – 52 – 78 measured when debuting from 2013). Over time, her body has also changed a lot and now the first bust has reached size H.
Aika Yumeno joined S1 in 2013, and is currently the longest person remaining at this studio, after the “queen” Akiho Yoshizawa retired. Although not the most famous actress, but Aika Yumeno has a loyal and very stable fan base, thanks to which she is always in the top 50 best-selling names in the 18+ industry.

  1. The most veteran in the studio with 8 years in the profession

In mid-May, Aika Yumeno uploaded a short video in which the staff at S1 gave a cake to celebrate her 100th product. For freelance actresses, this number is not very large, within a year it can be achieved, even for some people it only takes half a year. Still, 100 with an actor having an exclusive 1 production per month can be seen as a huge achievement, especially for Yumeno, who is arguably not a key star at S1.

To achieve this number of 100, Aika Yumeno has been quite “hard” in the past few years. The last time she did not release a movie was in December 2017, more than 4 years ago. In addition, the girl born in 1994 also worked hard at the event to interact with fans at a time when there was no epidemic.

  1. Not interested in “sex” because it’s already satisfying

Once, Aika Yumeno shared that she was not too interested in “sex” with men outside of work. Her reason was simple – she was too “full” on set and no longer interested in it too much for men. In addition, the girl born in 1994 also believes that there is no man out there who can make her feel satisfied and fully meet her needs when participating in 18+ products, by male actors. in 18+ products there is a lot better skill.

  1. Confessed by fans and “begged to marry”

In an interview, the girl born in 1994 mentioned interacting on social networks. Aika shared that normally she doesn’t update her personal page because she’s lazy, sometimes she only updates once a month just for work, but she likes to go online just to read fan messages.

Indeed, according to Aika’s description, she receives dozens of kisses every day from fans on Twitter. These kiss words come not only from Japan, but also from many different languages,. Most especially, there is a crazy fan for 3 years who texted back and forth a message like “I like you, marry me, you’re mine.”

At the present time, Aika Yumeno said that she still does not have a boyfriend. I don’t know if that’s the reason why the hard-working fans “attack” her like that, but it seems that Aika Yumeno still shows that she prefers her current job to retirement and family peace. Perhaps, the other boyfriends still have to wait for a while to see if she changes her mind or not.


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