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Interesting stories hidden behind the 7 most famous photos in history, it turns out that a lot of things are just tricks that are not as we think


The origin and story behind these legendary photos may surprise many.

In history, there are many photographs that have become legendary symbols for the upheavals of the times. But the true origin and story behind them is not known to everyone.

  1. Marilyn Monroe’s dress speed

On September 15, 1954, screen legend Marilyn Monroe had a photo of a lifetime with a glamorous white dress, fully depicting her signature attractiveness. Contrary to what many people think, this moment is not really accidental wind, although it looks very natural. On the contrary, the female star lifted her skirt… a few hundred times to get this legendary photo.

This is a scene from the movie The Seven Year Itch starring Marilyn Monroe. The scene was filmed outdoors in front of the Trans-Lux theater and nearly 2,000 passers-by, mostly curious men, gathered there to witness. Because of that, the scene was cut from the movie because the outside noise was too loud.

  1. Einstein’s tongue sticking out portrait

Referring to Einstein, many people will immediately imagine his super “muddy” portrait. This image was taken on the evening of his 72nd birthday by photographer Arthur Sasse. After leaving his birthday party, the savant got into the car with a serious face. The young photographer boldly asked for a photo of his idol and was surprised to see him stick out his tongue to pose. After the picture became famous for being too cute, Einstein fell in love with it and stuck it on all of his cards.

The serious moment just a second ago of the famous scientist

  1. The Beatles’ album cover

The cover photo of the 12th album – Abbey Road of the legendary band The Beatles is known as the most famous “photobomb” in the world. The shooting location is an ordinary street located near the band’s studio. To capture this scene, the road was blocked off for several minutes. But somehow a man still accidentally “lost” into the photo and became the 5th man to appear on the classic cover photo.

This man was even hunted by the press and was identified as an American tourist named Paul Cole. At this time, he was waiting for his wife to visit a nearby museum. He said at that time he did not know who the other guys were and found their actions strange.

  1. Afghan girl

In 1984, photographer Steve McCurry traveled around Afghanistan to create a war-themed photo album. The image of a girl with haunting eyes has won him countless awards. This girl was only 12 years old at the time and had just witnessed the tragedy of her whole village burning down and all her relatives dying in the fire.

It was not until 2002, the main character in the photo was identified as Sharbat Gula. At this time, the girl is an adult, married and still living in Afghanistan.

  1. Lunch in the sky

The photo taken on September 20, 1932 on the 69th floor of the RCA skyscraper in the middle of New York City once made everyone’s heart flutter and admiration. Construction workers were sitting at lunch, but in an unusual place, perched on the crossbars without any safety measures.

However this photo has proven to be staged. The workers are all real but all are cleverly arranged to take promotional photos for this skyscraper.

  1. Times Square Kiss

The romantic picture symbolizing happiness at the end of the war was taken in 1945, when the US was celebrating the end of World War II. At first, people thought that the photographer had captured the golden moment of a man and woman couple. But that’s not the story. The girl in the photo, Edith Shain – a nurse and the soldier do not know each other. Shain said she had just run out of the subway and was surprised when a sailor hugged and kissed her. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt – the author of the photo happened to pass by at that time and “captured the moment”.

  1. Einstein ran away from a nuclear explosion

The scientist Albert Einstein also has another very famous picture of him riding his bicycle away from an experimental nuclear explosion made by himself. However, this is a complete collage but deceived many people at that time. The simplest proof is because the explosion occurred in Nevada in 1962, and the scientist died 7 years earlier.


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