July 31

Immerse yourself in the 2020 Olympics with popular sports anime


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is finally happening in Japan, and audiences can learn and play with some of the following sports anime.

After a year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans from all over the world are finally seeing the dramatic matches of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

If you’re a fan of the Olympic Games and want to see your favorite events in a new light, here are some sports anime titles not to be missed.


This is no longer a strange name to the manga-anime world. Recently, the opening song of the anime was also played during the matches of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, increasing the “hotness” of the arena and this volleyball series.

Author Furudate not only creates interesting characters, but also helps readers understand more about volleyball. The rules, player positions, techniques and training methods of volleyball are cleverly put into the series by the author. This makes watching real-life volleyball matches even more enjoyable.

Slam Dunk

Basketball is one of the most anticipated sports in the Olympics, and when it comes to basketball, Slam Dunk is a name that cannot be ignored.

In Japan alone, Slam Dunk has sold 100 million copies – an admirable number for any manga. After Slam Dunk was released, many young Japanese people gradually switched from baseball to playing basketball. In terms of content, Slam Dunk still follows the classic direction, which is a standard form of Japanese manga that does not hide too much of the break, the successful song that brings back the name of Slam Dunk so far, no one has returned to the government. receive.

Slam Dunk’s matches are always attractive to readers not only because of the drama of antagonism, winning the ball, and scoring, but also by the unity of the team members, by tactics, by technique. and love basketball.


Free! is an ideal anime for swimming fans. The anime not only features eye-catching visuals with the talent of studio KyoAni, but also delves into the details of training and rigorous training to become a swimmer.

When watching an anime full of fun images like this, viewers can become more interested in swimming and more interested in the current reality match of the 2020 Olympics.

Sk8 The Infinity

Skateboarding has finally been selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, so Sk8 The Infinity is the perfect anime to celebrate the sport’s arrival.

The anime follows Reki Kyan, a high school student who regularly participates in underground skateboarding races. He then drags his classmate, Langa, into this mysterious world of skateboarding. The confrontations add more drama and suspense as other athletes are also trying to show their talent and prove their strength.


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