May 16

Humans are still evolving, you can have an extra artery in your body and it’s growing very fast.


Many people think that humanity has reached the peak of evolution and this process has stopped, but no, if you have that thought in your head, then read this article and think again.

Evolution is the change in genetic traits of organisms between generations, that is, the genetic traits of organisms that have certain advantages or disadvantages in competition will lead to differences in biological abilities. , resulting in differences in fertility and ultimately in which the dominant trait is retained and the inferior traits eliminated.

Evolution is a long process, especially in animals with a long life span, the more obvious evolutionary features are difficult to see, so some people have cast doubt on the theory of evolution. For example, a commonly asked question is: If the theory of evolution is true, then how come humans don’t evolve? Why don’t chimpanzees evolve into human-like creatures today?

In fact, human evolution has never stopped. There will still be some selected traits in our genes that will become more and more common in more people; there will also be certain traits that have been dropped and become less common in the human population.

Recently, Australian scientists discovered that a middle artery in the arm that was once very rare to possess is now appearing in many people’s bodies, scientists also predict. predict that in 80 years most people will have this artery.

The study comes from a team led by Tegan Lucas of Flinders University in Australia, who dissected the upper limbs of 78 Australian cadavers between the ages of 51 and 101. They found that in some of them have 26 arms containing these middle arteries – about 33%.

The middle artery is a blood vessel formed during human embryonic development. This is the main artery that supplies blood to the forearm and hand during early development. It is usually replaced by the afferent artery and the ulnar artery around the 8th week of pregnancy and then gradually disappears and as a result, the adult will not have a middle artery.

However, in some people, the median artery does not disappear, but coexists with the afferent and ulnar arteries. Although the middle artery has been linked to a number of health problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and blood clots, it can also offer many benefits to humans. It can enhance blood supply and can also act as a radial artery or “emergency” blood supply vessel.

Since the 18th century, anatomists have studied the proportions of the middle artery in the population, according to relevant documents in the 1880s, the population with the middle artery made up less than 10% of the total population. Scientists believe that in a short time this rate has increased to 30%, and this is an extremely significant increase in terms of evolution.

So what is the reason for this evolution? Dr. Lucas believes this increase could be due to mutations in genes involved in maternal medial artery development or health problems during pregnancy, or a combination of the two. If this evolutionary trend continues, the medial artery will become more and more common, after 2100 most people on our planet will have the median artery in the forearm.

The researchers believe that the increase in the number of people with middle arteries is a perfect example that the human species is still evolving and evolving. Over the past three centuries or so, the popularity of other human anatomical features has also changed. For example, the number of people with wisdom teeth is decreasing; Tarsal Coalition in infants is increasing; There were fewer and fewer people in the subthyroid artery, and it had completely disappeared by the end of the 20th century. A small bone called the fabella on the knee joint disappeared with the evolution of apes and human ancestors. , but it seems to have magically slowly emerged over the past few hundred years, and more and more, from 11.2% in 1918 to 39% in 2018, which leads to a situation where almost half population of the world is at risk of knee pain or even arthritis.

Therefore, the evolution process is still going on in a continuous way that we are very difficult to detect with the naked eye, if the evolution stops, the next generation will be identical to the previous generation, there is no difference in terms of appearance. looks, height, skin toneā€¦ You and your parents will probably look like cast from a mold.

Evolution is a word that gives humans a sense of direction, but in reality, biological evolution is directionless, completely random, and without direction. Evolution and degeneration always go hand in hand and sometimes the line between them is extremely thin. Only human intelligence and knowledge is constantly developing, and always developing in the direction of progress.



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