May 5

How sexy will the 18+ Japanese beauty dressed up as a cat?


Just posing in cat outfits makes the viewer feel flustered.

Cat Day, also known as Neko no Hi (猫 の 日) is celebrated in Japan since 1987 at the request of one of the cat food manufacturers. The festival was decided to be held on the 22nd of the second month, because the three numbers “2-2-2” in Japanese have a “nhi-nhi-nhi” sound that reminds Japanese of the miu language. cat’s miu. In 1987, a Cat Day committee was formed to invite cat-owners, as well as those wanting to learn, to join the festival.

Gradually, the cat’s day became more popular and widely known among the public. To this day, people organize events related to cats, photographing cats or even dressed up as cats. And of course, beautiful girls in the adult film industry will of course also participate in this interesting game. Let’s take a look at the series of photos of the most beautiful beauties below.

Yua Mikami
Yui Hatano
Shoko Takahashi
Karen Kaede
Amatsuka Moe
Arina Hashimoto
Yura Kano
Usa Miharu
Toda Makoto
Arisa Hanyu
Minami Hatsukawa
Otsuki Hibiki


Amatsuka Moe, Arina Hashimoto, Minami Hatsukawa, Otsuki Hibiki, Yui Hatano

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