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How does Goku’s Kaio-ken really work that exhausted him to death?


Kaio-ken is a technique invented by a god, however Goku is the only one who has ever used it successfully.

Kaio-ken is considered an extremely powerful technique and is used by Goku many times in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. But exactly how it works, many people still do not know. So let’s find out today together.

As we know, after Goku was killed in the battle with Raditz in Saiyan Saga, he arrived on King Kai’s planet. Here he has undergone a rigorous training process to improve his strength including many exercises set by this God himself.

And finally, after training, King Kai decided to teach Goku the Kaio-ken technique – a technique he created that was capable of enhancing Goku’s attack power. When using Kaioken, the user’s power and speed are gifted a lot, even exceeding his limit. At this point, the user is surrounded by a red aura and his hair is reddened due to aura.

After being revived by the Dragon God, Goku returns to Earth to help his friends defeat Nappa and Vegeta. The Monkey’s use of the Kaio-ken against Nappa demonstrates how powerful he is. This ability also plays a key role in his next battle with Vegeta.

And later, the Kaio-ken technique was also used by Goku many times, especially when he fought with Frieza, he mastered this technique – something that even its creator has yet to do.

Not only that, Goku was able to combine Kaioken with his super Saiyan state, making him even stronger. For example, in the match with the character Hit from the 6th pillar in the movie Dragon Ball: Super, Goku combined Super Saiyan Blue status with Kaio-ken x10.

Despite being so powerful, Goku eventually had to quit using it because the technique itself eroded his physical strength as well as left the user so exhausted he could not move.

The reason for this drawback is that the Kaio-ken is a technique that acts as a multiplier, which means it can make the user stronger regardless of their current strength level. Specifically, when Goku activates Kaio-ken, it will double his strength, speed, and senses at the same time. And also so it will make his body “overloaded” and cause considerable damage to him.

That is also why it only works for a short moment when it reaches its limit, the whole thing is stopped. Although after many uses, Goku has gotten used to it and used it longer, but it does not mean there is no detrimental effect on his body.

Especially now when Goku has the ability to push the limits of Kaio-ken and multiply his power by many times such as 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or even 100. And if Goku does not know how to refrain. , for the power to go too far it can kill Goku, as his body is only finite enough to withstand such a great amount of power.


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