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How cool would the characters in Dragon Ball drawn by author One Punch Man be?


Under the pen of famous artist Yusuke Murata, the characters of Dragon Ball are portrayed as cool and dashing.

It can be said that the author Yusuke Murata is one of the most prominent and beloved mangaka currently in the country of cherry blossoms. However, Yusuke Murata is not only known for composing comic books, he is also one of the great talents in the field of painting. In particular, Murata Yusuke is known as one of the best drawing authors in the Japanese manga industry, most notably his ability to arrange comic composition.

With their detailed, impressive and extremely beautiful drawings, Yusuke Murata and author ONE have “double swords with spades” to create the famous One Punch Man work in the world. Not only One Punch Man, Murata has drawn countless paintings based on many other works, especially Dragon Ball. Let’s take a look at Murata’s most outstanding products about the characters in the Dragon Ball World below!

After these paintings by Yusuke Murata were shared on social networks, many fans had to admire that “Seeing Murata immediately shows the essence”. Everyone praised Yusuke Murata’s ability to draw. Even many fans have compared the characters Dragon Ball version of this version compared to characters in One Punch Man version drawn by Murata! People commented that Vegeta looks like Garou, or that Son Goku’s face looks like Genos. Overall, Murata’s works have never disappointed fans.

How about you, when you look at the characters of Dragon Ball under the pen of Yusuke Murata, how do you feel? Please share your thoughts!


Dragon Ball, One Punch Man

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