July 21

Hot girl 18+ tells the story of the first day on screen: “I love this job from the bottom of my heart”


Satsuki Ena’s share surprised many people, because very few girls expressed their views on work so much.

Satsuki Ena was born on June 11, 1999, only entered the entertainment industry in September 2020 as an adult film actress. Although she has only joined for less than a year, she has made a strong impression with her beautiful beauty and captivating smile. Therefore, Satsuki Ena was quickly listed by many fans in the ranks of the new generation of beauties of the 18+ film industry. Currently, she is the “chicken” of Faleno, an adult film production company that has just emerged in the last 3 years.

According to Ena’s share, she really knew the 18+ industry from the age of 12, when she happened to see a magazine of her brother. However, it was not until the age of 19 that she had her first “sex”. Her idol is the actress who won the highest throne in 2019, Minami Aizawa.

In real life, Satsuki Ena introduces herself as an otaku, she loves games, anime and manga and can watch all day without getting bored. However, she is also very talented when she knows how to play the piano, and is quite good at cooking.

Thanks to her lovely smile and friendly personality, Satsuki Ena is loved by many fans. Recently, Satsuki Ena received an interview and revealed a lot of interesting things about herself and her work.

At the moment, Satsuki cannot meet many fans because the epidemic is still happening all over Japan as well as around the world. According to the girl born in 1999, she received a lot of messages and gifts not only from male fans, but also from female fans. She feels happy that so many people follow her, and also hopes to meet her fans in real life soon. The contact with people through social networks makes her very excited and waits for that day.

Looking back on the first product, Satsuki Ena, like many other girls, was quite stressed and could not sleep before joining the profession. Currently, she also has quite a few products, so she is much more confident. Thanks to the help of male colleagues, she has better adapted to her new career.

To Satsuki, she expressed that she loves this job from the bottom of her heart. Therefore, when she heard that her products were selling well, she felt very happy and had a “completely different” emotion than before. She is also the type to smile and laugh, so she brings positive energy to everyone.


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