July 19

Hot air balloon ‘head’ hovering in the sky of Tokyo – Japan makes people stir


This giant head-shaped hot air balloon is actually a project named Masayume by contemporary art group Mé.

Recently, netizens are spreading the image of a giant balloon with the shape of a human head suddenly hovering in the sky over Tokyo ahead of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Japan.

This is the work of a group of three Japanese artists. They created a giant head-shaped hot air balloon the size of a 7-story building called “Masayume”, which means “dream come true”. The hot air balloon was inspired by the strange dream of a member of the group when she was 14 years old, in her dream she saw a floating face.

Hot air balloons began to be released from Yoyogi Park, a popular tourist destination in the Shibuya district, west of Tokyo, at around 6 a.m. on July 16. Passers-by couldn’t help but be startled when they saw a giant balloon with the shape of a human head suddenly hovering overhead.

Kojin Haruka, one of three artists who created the head balloon, said she feels like a miracle that the group is able to display their work during Covid-19. She hopes this giant hot air balloon will stimulate the imagination of viewers.

The fact that a giant “head” appeared in the sky of Tokyo attracted the attention of many people. Some expressed interest but others found it rather creepy. Many netizens think that from a distance, it looks like a giant from the real life version of “Attack On Titan”.

Many others remember Junji Ito’s famous series with the “main characters” being head-shaped balloons, also known as “hanging balloons”.

In this horror comic, the head-shaped balls can move, talk and take on the appearance of someone on the ground. If they find someone with a similar face, they will use noose-shaped ropes to hang that person up.

Despite being a great idea, many passersby in Tokyo and netizens are still “stunned” by this creepy hot air balloon.

Many netizens think that it resembles the ball of Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb).

The artists who created this giant balloon are expected to fly their work in the sky until about 8pm every day, as an event on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to open on July 23 in the Japanese capital after a year delay due to the impact of Covid-19. Japan is trying to control the pandemic well and take strict measures with the determination to successfully organize this event.


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