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Horror ambulance service in Japan, weak-hearted guests must shiver when experiencing


The horror ambulance service Screambulance gives customers a chilling and bloody experience.

Screambulance is a horror ambulance experience service in Japan. This service promises to give participants a feeling of horror in an extremely tight space as well as complying with regulations on social distancing.

The complicated epidemic situation in Japan has caused the entertainment industry in this country to face many difficulties, services such as haunted houses are not recommended, even banned. Therefore, in order to adapt to the new situation, many businesses have quickly devised new forms of business and services to meet the needs of both entertainment and strict social distancing of the Japanese. One of the many services that came out in the midst of a pandemic is Screambulance, which offers a mobile horror experience in the form of a bloody ambulance, creepy interiors, and an authentic zombie cast.

Screambulance is an initiative of a company specializing in providing haunted houses in Japan called Kowagarasetai (Scaring Corps), Screambulance is considered the world’s first mobile haunted house experience. The service is called a crazy idea by many, but interesting in this moment. The scary-looking ambulance will come and stop in front of the customer’s yard for a predetermined period of time, ready to give the service subscribers chilling moments while still ensuring strict compliance. strict requirements on social distancing during the epidemic period.

The interior of the ambulance was designed according to the request of the experiencer, and it was even more terrifying than the normal haunted house, including medical equipment, fake blood bags, hanging from the ceiling of the car, Fake blood is also sprayed everywhere, the creepy sound in the car is a ready-made product with the most advanced 3-D recording microphone available today. When combining the interior with the sound, the experiencer will feel like someone appears in the car besides them.

Currently, customers who are passionate about creepy, chilling sensations can book Screambulance services online, the company also provides services in all 23 wards in Tokyo. The Bloody Ambulance also serves parties of up to 6 people, each experience lasts 15 minutes, and the total cost of the customer is 9000 yen. The service officially became operational on July 1 of this year.

Unfortunately, the staff dressed as zombies in charge of operating the vehicle will not have any interaction with customers. The reason given is because the service is designed to comply with pandemic regulations, including social distancing. Vehicles will be ventilated, cleaned and disinfected carefully after each working session.

Even more interestingly, the father of the bloody ambulance service is also the one who gave horror fans a horror ride service (an experience in which the customer plays the role of a driver, having to drive through the road. scary ghost) released last summer.


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