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Hero Academy: What is All For One’s unpredictable attack on Deku?


AFO’s plan for Deku isn’t as straightforward as in chapter 311, but readers can clearly see how the author has paved the way for the ending.

Hero Academy is a manga series written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kohei. The story follows Midoriya Izuku, a boy who was born without superpowers but was helped by the greatest superhero and helped him enter a school for superhero apprentices.

After 54 long chapters of Paranormal Liberation War arc, now has come the end of Hero Academy story. In the latest chapter 311, Deku is now deliberately avoiding All Might as well as the Top 3 Heroes so as not to involve them. However, All Might’s car was bombed the moment he lost his student Deku’s GPS signal. At the same time, Deku was ambushed. Deku suspects that the person who broke his device is an All For One person, but according to the situation, it is unknown what the truth is.

The Hero faction was very bold in using Deku as bait to lure All For One out. This is a high-risk plan as Deku could be captured by hundreds of escaped villains, roaming freely. Their only advantage is that Shigaraki has yet to allow Quirk All For One to take over his body, which is also causing some internal turmoil within the League of Crimes.

As for whether other villains will team up with All For One, there are two possibilities that could change the story. Based on the clues in chapter 311, All For One definitely made the first move by dropping bombs on All Might’s car, as well as blocking the way for Best Jeanist, Endeavor, and Hawks. That’s clearly a way of timing the key heroes, as well as making the situation even more chaotic for Deku. All For One is desperate, because he has very little time left. The timing of AFO’s attack accidentally “fired up”, when society lost faith in heroes and could attack them at any time.

The female assassin is revealed to Deku, at first glance, she looks like a mercenary. But behind that there was a person who lost consciousness and lost his arm. Maybe that person was the original hired assassin, and this female character stopped the attack on Deku. She calls Deku “The Boy in Blue”, proving that she doesn’t even know Deku’s or his name. If she had been hired, she would have known all the details of her “prey”, and how to intercept Deku without retaliation.

All For One’s first move may seem impatient, but kicks off the end of the Hero Academy series. Readers can see that the Heroes are not the only ones tired of the current status quo and looking to solve it. Meanwhile, All For One may have just brought himself into a battle where he didn’t anticipate the other villains. But if found, surely AFO will have another plan to wipe out those who stand in his way.


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