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Goddess Kali – The most powerful and brutal god in the mythical world


Myths often describe Kali as a black woman, with a fierce face, a long tongue, with four arms holding different types of weapons.

In the mythical world, goddesses are always assigned to the powers that govern the elements of beauty and tenderness. But the case of the goddess Kali is perhaps the exception when this goddess not only possesses the power of destruction but is also known for her strict, brutal and fierce personality.

Origin of Goddess Kali

In Hindu mythology, there are many different versions of the appearance of the goddess Kali. Two of the most famous stories are the bloody battle between the goddess and the asuras. Once when the goddess Durga, the goddess riding on the back of a lion, had to fight the ten armies of Mahishasura. In her anger, the goddess created Kali – a dark-skinned woman with a fierce face. As soon as she appeared, Kali ate everything and cut off the heads of the asuras and strung them together into a necklace to wear. Kali’s killing frenzy scares all creatures, only Shiva can stop Kali. The god stood in the way of Kali, and when Kali’s foot stepped on Shiva, the goddess came out of her bloodlust, stopping the killing.

Another story tells that Kali appeared to confront Raktabija – the powerful asura with near-immortal power. Every time Raktabija’s blood fell to the ground, thousands of asura clones were born. As a result, in the war with the gods in the heavenly world, the gods were almost unable to repel Raktabija. At that time, the gods merged their powers to create a powerful god that could face the enemy. Thanks to that, the goddess Kali appeared. Kali fights Raktabija, every time the asura’s blood falls, the goddess collects it and drinks it to prevent the enemy from rebirth. And so on, until Kali defeated the entire army of asuras and cut off Raktabija’s head, she herself was poisoned by the asura blood. Kali’s mind became chaotic, she yearned to kill and began murdering anyone in sight until Shiva brought her back to her senses.

Goddess Kali and infinite power

Goddess Kali is often seen as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati – the wife of Lord Shiva. Because of that, Kali also has tremendous power. The goddess represents the destruction of time and death. Perhaps that is why myths often describe Kali as a black woman, fierce face, long tongue, with four arms holding different types of weapons. The goddess stood dancing on the body of Shiva, holding an asura head and a blade, wearing a necklace from a human skull, wearing a dress made from human arms.

As fierce as she is, Hindus believe that the goddess is the embodiment of death and rebirth, destruction and creation. Sometimes, people also see Kali as the god representing victory, warriors when going to battle often come to pray to the goddess.

Goddess Kali in popular culture

Because of the power and meaning of the goddess Kali, many popular culture products such as video games, literature, movies, etc. build characters inspired by the goddess-like shape and ability. .


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