July 21

Giant creatures that have appeared in Earth’s history


The ancient world once produced a lot of creatures that were many times more terrifying and ferocious than today.

1. Python Titan

The largest python discovered by scientists in 2009 was up to 7 meters long. However, this is not the maximum size of the snake family. Researchers have made a wonderful discovery based on fossils of Titan python, a giant python breed in ancient times that reached 12-15 meters in length and weighed 1,134 kg. To date, Titan is the largest python in the history of the Earth.

2. Giant crocodile (Deinosuchus)

Many people believe that today’s crocodiles are the evolution of prehistoric dinosaurs. But they did not know that, in the ancient world, large crocodiles used to hunt dinosaurs as the main food.

Deinosuchus is a long-extinct species that is a close relative of modern-day crocodiles. During the Cretaceous (or Cretaceous) period, Deinosuchus was larger than any modern crocodile. Their body length is up to 12 meters and weighs 10 tons or more.

  1. Ancient Dragon

Komodo dragons are said to be relatives of lizards on Earth with “huge” size. But compared to their ancestors, Komodo dragons are just “dwarves”. The exact size of the ancient lizard, or giant lizard, is still controversial. But new research shows that the prehistoric dragon, up to 7 meters long and weighing between 600-620 kg, is the largest terrestrial lizard on Earth. Their main food is marsupials.

  1. Haast Eagle

Haast Eagles used to live on the South Island of present-day New Zealand. To date, the largest eagle on Earth recorded weighs 16.5 kg, with a wingspan of up to 3 meters. The legend of these giant eagles is said by the indigenous Maori people that they once devoured innocent children.

  1. Super Shark Megalodon

Megalodon is one of the fiercest sea creatures. They lived in the late Oligocene and Neogene period about 28 million -1.5 million years ago. Megalodon was 16-20 meters long and weighed 47-103 tons. They have hundreds of sharp teeth, each 18 cm long. Their prey are smaller sharks, or whales, seals, walruses… Scientists believe that, due to lower water temperatures or falling sea levels and other factors, has led to the decline extinction of this giant shark.

  1. Terror bird Phorusrhacidae

Phorusrhacidae is a carnivorous and flightless bird that lived in South America between 62 million and 2 million years ago.

Through research, archaeologists said that Phorusrhacidae, 1-3 meters high, had a twisted beak like today’s eagles. Their main prey is several small mammals, and sometimes they even eat a horse.


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