May 21

Games with unfinished endings make players feel sad


Not every game has an ending that satisfies all players.

  1. Modern Warfare 2

In the ending of MW2, players are faced with a seemingly beautiful ending when Shepherd dies, Price is still alive. Unfortunately, it was only a small victory compared to the great loss of the world. Before he died, the villain Shepherd still triggered a catastrophic war between the US and Russia, a war that killed thousands of innocent people and brought down the White House.

Price was forced into hiding and Makarov also escaped, heavy blows for the “good side”. Almost all of Modern Warfare 3’s time is spent dealing with the aftermath of Modern Warfare 2, and the world got much worse after the US-Russian war. After all, maybe letting Price freeze in Carbonite at the end of Modern Warfare 2 would make things much better.

  1. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X has a plot revolving around Tidus – a blitzball player who has to move to Spira after his hometown of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin. He has befriended many people, including Yuna – a summoner with the power of spirits. The group is determined to destroy Sin so that Tidus can return home.

But then gamers learn that Tidus is just a spirit. When Sin destroyed Zanarkand, everyone living there died, including Tidus. This makes both the characters in the game and the gamers heartbroken, because if the villain Sin dies, Tidus will also… disappear. The image of Tidus trying to cling to Yuna but then suddenly disappearing into nothingness is probably the saddest image.

  1. Red Dead Redemption

John Marston is a former outlaw and is always under the radar of the authorities. Two government henchmen, Ross and Fordham, kidnapped Marston’s wife, Abigail, and son Jack to ask Marston to shoot down his gang members himself. If he succeeds, he will be pardoned and live a normal life with his family.

Marston believed him and tracked down, killing them one by one, but he was still betrayed in the end. After helping his wife and son escape, he was literally shot dead. A few years later, his wife Abigail also died, leaving their son Jack alone. Outraged by his father’s death, Jack hunted down Ross and shot his skull. In the ending, John Marston sacrificed himself to protect Jack, but ironically, Jack followed the old path that John himself went.


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