July 21

Games that startle gamers because “blood sucking” are so intense


These lifesteal phases deserve to be mentioned because they were born with the purpose of “suck” the player to the last drop.

1. Train Simulator

Train Simulator is a train simulation game. It has a total of 230 DLC copies. And each such copy has a price that is not cheap, it falls in the range of 20-40 USD before the discount. But unlike the names mentioned above, Train Simulator has a lot of DLC but is not hated by the gaming community. Because its DLCs are released for all versions, not just for the 2016 release and can be applied to later versions.

Normally, the games currently on the market are usually only released with a certain amount of DLC. As for Train Simulator, it has a total of tons of DLC that you can spend to get the best experience when playing the game. The price for you to spend all that DLC is unthinkable, up to 8566 USD in 2019, a huge number for gamers.

2. Rocksmith

When it comes to music games, perhaps game fans will immediately think of names like Guitar Hero, Rock Band or DJ Hero. These games all require you to own your own tools just to play, such as “toy” drum kits that aren’t cheap just to play those games, in addition, they are completely useless to other games, or just as “scenes” in real life.

With Rocksmith it’s different, the game allows you to play with a real guitar and get your money in a different way – in-game songs. The total value of the songs in the game is more than 6 thousand USD. Of course, you don’t have to buy all the music in the game, but this huge number also startled many gamers with the scary price above.

  1. Dead or Alive 5

The “Dead or Alive” series is not a strange name when it comes to the weirdest costumes in the virtual world, but usually this monstrosity is always paired with excessively sexy. Dead or Alive 5 continues the tradition of previous games, and it “sucks blood” gamers even more than the seniors.

Accordingly, DoA 5 is completely free to launch, and the manufacturer collects money by selling skins to gamers. If the price is only 5 – 10 USD / outfit, it is acceptable, anyway they are offered for up to 70 USD – higher than the usual blockbuster games on sale. Perhaps only gamers who love DoA very much can spend this money.

  1. Gal*Gun

Gal*Gun Double Peace is a rather odd game and makes a lot of people unhappy about its nature. At first, you only interact quite gently with the girls in the game, but later on, everything becomes much more perverted and daring.

However, the boldness that the designers created for the game is not equal to the boldness they have set for the items in the game, most notably Pheromone Z. This is a “binoculars” that allows you see through clothes instantly, for a price that’s…just as ridiculous. It is set at a price of 70 USD, “just enough” for curious gamers to order it in order to see the girls to the fullest.


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