July 31

Games that failed but helped “reincarnate” the whole series


The failure of these games completely made the developer completely change his mind in building the next post-game game.

If the first version of Devil May Cry was highly appreciated, Devil May Cry 2 was an extreme disappointment for both fans and Capcom. The image of the Dante character in the eyes of the player is significantly “downgraded”, the graphics are outdated, and the gameplay mechanics have no more words to criticize.

However, it was the player’s disparagement that helped Devil May Cry to be repaired significantly. DMC 3 fixed all mistakes, added many new elements and quickly became a favorite game. As time goes on, the Devil May Cry series is more prominent than ever, especially with Devil May Cry V being considered Capcom’s best product ever.

Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric

Sonic the Hedgehog is considered Sega’s “Mario”, so this speedy green hedgehog appears in many different games. However, not all games are of good quality, such as Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric released on the Wii U in 2014. The game was so bad that it received horribly low scores. , the combat mechanism in the game is weird, the angle in the game is like challenging the player.

By 2018, Sonic Mania was released, and it was made by modders and Sonic fans who knew the green hedgehog best. It was this version that brought Sonic back to success when it received countless compliments along with record sales. Even, Sonic Mania was acknowledged by Sega himself to bring back the glory of this game series. However, its next game, Sonic Forces, continues to bring disappointment.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is really an odd step of this zombie game series, when it is no longer scary and puzzle-solving, instead it is a shooting game and acts like a bomb movie. tons of Hollywood. The gameplay of RE6 is long, but each character has its own play and does not satisfy gamers at all. Although it still has high revenue, many gamers have condemned Capcom for destroying this series of games.

By version 7, Resident Evil returned to the old style when significantly focusing on the survival element – first-person horror. Of course, this change is praised by gamers because they finally get what they want when they spend money to buy Resident Evil. Even, Resident Evil Village, the next version, is also considered the best RE part in recent years and deserves to stand with the monument of Resident Evil 4.

Final Fantasy XIII

To be fair, Final Fantasy XIII has an eye-catching graphics platform, along with a great music. However, FFXIII was fiercely criticized for the fact that the game was set up quite simply, linearly when gamers were forced to follow the path predetermined by the manufacturer, not having an open world at all. In addition, the character Lighting and friends are very faint, not leaving much of an impression.

The release of Final Fantasy XV partially solved that problem – a completely open world, the main characters in the game are clearly and impressively portrayed. Although there are still a few plot issues, FFXV still deserves a high rating. Therefore, fans can fully hope for the next versions and remakes of this popular JRPG series.



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