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Funniest funeral in history from the old man who liked to joke, even when he died, he still scared the living


People who like to joke are always capable of coming up with many extremely interesting ideas, and Shay Bradley is no exception when he turned his own funeral into a joke.

Funerals are always quite a sad occasion for many people when they have to say goodbye to the deceased. However, an always cheerful old man has come up with a special way to comfort his visitors. True to his life style of loving comedy, making people laugh around him. This made his funeral the most special funeral in human history.

Mr. Shay Bradley passed away in October 2019 of a number of health problems, perhaps because the condition was so long-lasting that he was even informed in advance of his worsening situation. However, this did not bother him at all. Shay Bradley spent the last days of his life living a happy life and planning to prank everyone one last time.

Being loved by everyone around him and having a natural sense of humour, Shay is still proud of himself as a true comedian, often bringing laughter to everyone. So a year before his death, he made a very detailed plan and asked his son to help him to say goodbye to friends and relatives in the most gentle and joyful way.

A year later, when Shay passed away, the plan was carried out by her son at the funeral. While Shay Bradley’s coffin was being carefully placed in the burial pit, suddenly the audio tape he had prepared was played on the speaker next to the coffin. Not only that, the crew is also dubbed the sound of knocking on the wooden surface. Shay’s voice plus sound effects made all the visitors present a moment of extreme panic. But after a while, when they calmed down, they realized they had just tricked the funny Shay Bradley and laughed. The funeral continued.

His daughter shared that it was the last wish he wanted to make. Her father hopes that loved ones will always smile happily, and remember him as a witty, loving person with a sense of humour. The story of Shay Bradley’s funeral has been widely spread on the internet as well as receiving the attention of many people when conveying a very positive message and attitude.

This is probably the “happiness of a mourning family” but it has a much more joyful and optimistic meaning for many people attending the funeral.


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