August 9

Frustrated with the studio, the 18+ beauty suddenly announced her retirement, causing fans to ache.


After a long conflict with the film production company, Maria Aine has decided to make an announcement of her retirement.

Maria Aine was born in 1996 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, entered the entertainment industry in January 2017 as an adult film actress. Currently, she is an actress of Prestige company. So far, she has had 4 years in the field of adult films and is one of the most veteran names of this studio.

Maria Aine’s starting point is very interesting. Initially, she was a streamer on the Japanese Nico Nico Douga platform with the stage name “Maria”. She is very passionate about copslay, so she often wears cosplay and changes clothes during live broadcast.

Possessing a beautiful face and hot appearance, it is not difficult to understand why Maria was one of the most popular female streamers at that time. One day, a management company sent her an invitation to move into the AV field.

At first, Maria hesitated at this new word. But after discussing and chatting with a friend who is also another 18+ former actress, the girl born in 1996 decided to agree. In her first year at the Prestige studio, Maria Aine became one of the most noticed names.

She was even nominated to the shortlist of the best rookies of the “Adult Film Oscar” – Fanza Adult Award in 2017, but could not win against the opponent that year. Yua Mikami. However, Maria Aine is still loved by many people, not only in Japan but also in Korea, Taiwan, China‚Ķ

Despite having such a smooth start and career, Maria Aine has a bad relationship with her studio. Many times, she expressed frustration with the way Prestige studios treated and handled her problems. The relationship between the two sides was as tight as a string, and many times Maria Aine threatened to quit her job. However, it was not until recently that she officially announced that she would retire.

Accordingly, Maria Aine will close the final product and launch it in September. She also thanked the fans after a long time of 4 odd years. Currently, Maria Aine has not made it clear what her decision will be after she retires. Many fans expressed that this 1996-born girl will be firmly on her way and can continue to use social networks to interact with her fans.


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