May 18

Fascinated with the pictures drawn with ballpoint pens that thought were real photos


These surreal photos make the viewer think that it was drawn with ballpoint pen ink.

Mostafa Khodeir, a talented young artist from Egypt, used to spend up to two months to make a work of drawing with a ballpoint pen, but the results were well worth it and surprised the viewers.

Although the art of painting with a ballpoint pen is not new, it is not easy to reach a surreal level and make it difficult for viewers to distinguish. Seeing the surrealist drawings with a ballpoint pen for the first time, Mostafa Khodeir, 28, was almost speechless even though his skills were not really high at the time.

Therefore, Khodeir decided to experiment and practice a new form of painting. After practicing for a while and starting to produce his own works, he presented some of his most impressive and best works. Khodeir can spend up to two months on some drawings but the results are always impressive.

Mostafa Khodeir shared: “I have practiced a lot to reach the level I am now and feel that I have surpassed even the ink paintings that I saw for the first time.”

Khodeir first shared his drawings on Twitter and received a lot of likes. It’s a portrait of a baby of color (pictured above) and it’s still his best drawing to date.

Initially, Khodeir mainly focused on drawings with blue ink ballpoint pens but later, he began to use more crayons to bring about other interesting color effects. Some of Khodeir’s most recent projects are virtually indistinguishable from real photographs.

From portraits of footballers like Mohammed Salah or the late Princess Diana to portraits of random strangers and animals, Mostafa Khodeir’s ballpoint pen masterpieces are virtually identical to photographs.

Interested readers can see more extremely detailed and impressive pen drawings by Samuel Silva below:


Mostafa Khodeir, pictures drawn with ballpoint

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