June 8

Farewell to her boyfriend, Japanese beauty quietly applied to be an actress 18+


Remu Suzumori shared a bit about her past and stories surrounding her life.

Remu Suzumori was born in 1997, joined the 18+ film industry in 2019. Although she has just joined, she has made a very strong impression by her beautiful beauty and slim body. a model. Therefore, she quickly gained a huge fan base even though she had only joined the adult film industry for less than a year.

In mid-2019, this Remu Suzumori entered the Miss ID contest. This is a contest to vote for popular multi-disciplinary idol girls in Japan, organized by Kodansha company, started in 2012. Although she didn’t win the top prize, Remu also won the contestant award. Best photogenic award.

According to Remu, she had sex for the first time since high school. At that time, her boyfriend was a university student. However, their relationship did not last long, but ended after only 3 months. Later, she did not have another love affair, the reason was because she applied for herself and decided to join the 18+ industry.

With beautiful beauty, it is not difficult to understand why Remu Suzumori was “dotted” by Prestige film studio and made the exclusive actor of this studio. She started to be released in March 2019 and is also gradually promoted by this company as “a rough gem but will soon shine”. Usually, when they first appeared to promote, every girl was associated with some kind of talent, and Remu chose the Kendama toy as something associated with her.

Regarding the type of actress on 18+ products, Remu Suzumori said that she would like any style, from the “national color” type of girl, pretty and lovely to the gyaru (a type of makeup) colorful Japanese style). Since her school days, Remu has loved the Gyaru form with her striking blonde hair, but she has never dared to do so, so she only “wishes”.

In love, Remu considers himself a “crazy”. When she loves someone, she only knows that person and doesn’t care about what’s going on around her. She doesn’t even want to leave her lover at all and just wants to be attached to that person more. She just needs someone who understands, cares and can satisfy her in that matter.

Regarding sex, the girl born in 1997 said that she was not too concerned about her size. However, what Remu wants is a boyfriend who meets the condition of being “tough” enough to have sex that makes her satisfied.

However, Remu’s love story was not at all as she expected, every time she fell in love, it was a difficult time. Currently, she only focuses on her work and puts her love life aside.


remu suzumori

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