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While examining the body in the red coffin, suddenly mysterious liquid spilled out – The expert shouted: “Run quickly”!

What secret is hidden in this blood-red coffin?

In 2003, at Mount Turki, in Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia, while mining, workers here accidentally blew up an ancient tomb and discovered a coffin inside. The mystery is red like blood. They immediately reported the situation to the experts and received a warning: Don’t get close!

Right after that, the staff of Thong Lieu city museum and some officers of the city’s Public Security Department went down to the scene to survey. According to the naked eye, the tomb was built quite crudely despite its large size. Preliminary assessment by experts, the age of the tomb must be up to a thousand years old, which means it belongs to the Khiet Dan period, also known as the Lieu Dynasty.

After that, an excavation by the deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Institute of Archeology and officials from the Tongliao city museum was urgently conducted.

Along with the coffin, inside the tomb, there are 200 relics, all of which are precious burial items such as crystal cups, silver-plated saddles, gold hand flowers, golden bells, crystal-handled daggers… and they are all very well preserved. intact.

Some relics were found inside the tomb

The coffin is red and black, engraved with many gold-plated patterns of phoenix, peony, rattan and crane… Around the lid of the coffin are hanging bells, gilded decorations, carved front. Dragon pattern is inlaid with gold, the back is a pair of phoenixes also made of gold. All of them show that the owner of the tomb must be a royal or aristocrat of the Liao Dynasty.

Inside the coffin was a corpse that did not wear the metal mask commonly seen in Khitan royal burials, instead a gold crown was worn on the forehead. The owner of the tomb is wearing a cotton hat, with his hair braided on both sides, wrapped on the top of his head, covered with a gold patterned silk cloth, through which it can be seen that this is a woman.

Mystery liquid

The image of the mysterious red coffin after being restored.

The top of the body was covered with a thick layer of silk fabric, so the experts took X-rays before removing the top layer. The owner of the tomb was dressed in 11 silk clothes, all of which were sewn very sophisticatedly, with sophisticated patterns, all of which are rare materials found in archeology of the Liao Dynasty.

The experts carefully lifted the silk cloth covering the body of the tomb owner, but as soon as they opened it, they saw a mysterious liquid suddenly spilling out, and quickly shouted: Danger, run.

They escaped in time because experts know that the Khitan people have a custom of pouring mercury on the dead to keep them intact. Mercury is very toxic.

In the end, they decided to transfer the body to the museum for cleaning and DNA testing. The results of the DNA test report have surprised scholars.

After combining with DNA taken from the tombs of King Lieu Thai To, it was shown that there was a compatible relationship that confirmed the identity of the tomb owner was really Princess Du Lu Do Co, the younger sister of the king. .


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