May 7

Enjoy watching the battle scenes in Dragon Ball from the characters’ direct perspectives


This set of photos indeed gave Dragon Ball fans a very new perspective with the events that happened.

The Dragon Ball series or 7 Vien Ngoc Dragon is no stranger to the ancient Vietnamese 8x or 9x ages. The series depicts Son Goku’s journey from childhood to adulthood through martial arts lessons and exploring the world in search of dragon balls.

After more than 20 years of launch, the Dragon Ball brand has created a global fever and has a huge fan base. Among them, there are many fans who are so passionate that they have created countless beautiful fan art sets about the world of Dragon Ball. Below, we would like to introduce a super interesting fan art set with the idea of the battle scenes in Dragon Ball being recreated from the perspective of the characters. Through this set of photos, the audience will have a broader view of the events that have happened.


Dragon Ball

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