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Dragon Ball: The explosive power gauge turned out to be just a “fictional” detail for the author’s coloring


Remember the strength gauge in Dragon Ball? Let’s learn about it in this article!

In Dragon Ball, A Scouter – The strength gauge is a device worn by the ear and displaying the screen in front of him, which determines the strength of the target.

The creation of a power meter makes it easy for the reader to imagine the power difference between the characters. But this is also inconvenient because it does not mean that anyone with higher stats means always wins, in the actual match, which side of the game depends on experience, ability to improvise, and tactics …

In particular, the power meter is also limited, when the opponent’s stats are too high or rapidly increase (possibly), the power meter will be broken. In addition, those who learn how to hide Ki, the machine cannot detect it, which causes subjective psychology for the user.

The thing is, do you know why the steamer explodes when reading too high power readings? It turns out that this detail the author created is just to “color” it! Because in reality, technically, nothing like that would ever happen. That’s how our author likes to “exaggerate” everything!

Also, do you know where the inspiration for Akira’s power meter came from?

Well, based on a device from the 1956 Mitsetsu Yokoyama manga Tetsujin 28-go, a villain named Alberto lost his eye and he wears a metal device on it, which also has the function of spying on opponents. that our author designed the strength gauge. And in the military, reconnaissance vehicles are called “scout cars” so Akira used the word “scout” to name the strength gauge (A Scouter).

At first glance, I thought there were two types of old and new scouter in Dragon Ball but that is not the case. Because in terms of features, they are no different. There are only many aliens using it, so it must be designed so that it can be worn on the ear. Therefore, the strength meter has a display screen with different sizes and colors (blue, red, green …) depending on the head size as well as the preferences of each person.

Scouters were invented by the Tuffles, one of the original inhabitants of the planet Vegeta, and this race was destroyed by the Saiyans in 730. Originally, it was a device aimed at defending enemies and beasts. However, Gichamu, a skilled engineer in Frieza’s army, improved it so that it could sense the enemy’s fighting strength, and the army began to use it to carry out attacks. .

As an added bonus, the Ki God might not be able to detect the power meter, which is understandable since the person who developed it never imagined there would be that power. In addition, when composing Dragon Ball, the author did not think I would expand Super.

Scientist of the Frieza army

Speaking of Super, in the upcoming movie, the scientist introduced is the inventor of the Frieza army’s technologies such as scouter, armor, warship … named Kikono. Actually, Kikono and Gichamu are just the same person, just because the author forgot the character’s name, it led to the fact that a character has these two names.


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